happy birthday to my favorite person ever.

by Janetha on September 13, 2009

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you guys! i was seriously floored at all the amazing comments left on my last post. seriously everyone gave me such good feedback to my rant. i was just looking to vent, not expecting much to come of it, actually after i wrote it i debated deleting it but then posted it. and i ended up with so much more because of it. you all gave me a lot of great advice, suggestions, encouragement and once again made me SO happy i am a part of this community. i have only been reading the comments from my phone as they come in, but tomorrow i want to take some time to read over them again and i will be replying to lots of the comments, but i wanted to say thank you thank you! i will also be doing a reflection post of sorts after i hash everything that was said to me out.. lots of good points were made and i want to talk about them! just no time right now…

but f’reals. i heart you all. forever. times infinity. plus nine.

it is, once again, later than it needs to be when i start a post.. so i am going to try to make this snappy because i’ve got my early morning meeting tomorrow!

it was free day for me.. and sometimes the best part about free day is NOT eating every 3 hours! and also not having to balance my proteins and carbs.

i started off the day with a bowl mug of shredded wheat:

9-13-09 002

no, i did not intend to eat this out of a mug, but marshall and his roommates fail epically when it comes to doing the dishes and this was literally the last clean dish in the house!  i realized after that i should have gone to the trouble of washing a bowl because the rice milk at the bottom got the cereal all super soggy and i couldn’t mix the cry cereal up top with the sogged down stuff at the bottom. cereal catastrophe.

9-13-09 004

i hate soggy cereal! i usually just add a splash of milk because i like my cereal crunchy and i never have any leftover milk in the bowl afterward. i am sure you all REALLY were interested in hearing my milk-to-cereal ratio preference, right??

then i hit up tarjay and got some travel items for seattle. is it just me who ADORES the mini bins?! little soaps, little deoderants, little mouth washes.. oh and those mini tide detergent bottles are so. damn. cute. i love little things! it does not take much for me to get excited, obviously.

then it was off to mi madre’s because IT IS HER BIRTHDAY! HOLLER!

on the menu? fish tacos!!

i started out by making some cabbage slaw which had cabbage, lime, scallions, cilantro, fresh ground black pepper and a touch of light sour cream~

9-13-09 012 

and i also whipped up a batch of guacamole with avocados, tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, lime, salt and some jalapeño juice~9-13-09 009

funny story, i always thought this kitchen gadget was made just for guacamole making:

9-13-09 007

see how well it works?

9-13-09 008

it was not until later in life that i found out it is actually a pastry blender! but you guys should try it for mixing up your next batch of guac, it works great!

9-13-09 010

i grated two types of mexican cheeses, both have very distinct and different flavors.  cotija which is very sharp and hard, and panela which is softer and more mild.

9-13-09 015

panela on the left, cotija on the right. 

i also had a simple side dish of black beans + cotija~

9-13-09 029

and a side dish of fruit kebabs leftover from the wedding reception~

9-13-09 026

i seasoned the corvina (a type of bass fish) with olive oil, salt, pepper and a little lime~

9-13-09 016

my dad, the grillmaster, helped me grill up the fish (and chicken for marshall!)

9-13-09 017 9-13-09 018

and then shredded it to bits!

9-13-09 030

marshall’s chicken, he is a fish hater.. i don’t know why!

9-13-09 032

and the local mexican market, rico, helped out with some corn tortillas, hot sauces, pico and a corn & black bean salad…

9-13-09 033 9-13-09 019  9-13-09 023 

all together!

9-13-09 021

we served ourselves in assembly line steeze..

9-13-09 034

my plate~

9-13-09 035

so. dang. delish.

9-13-09 037

it was the perfect fusion of home made things and store-bought things. i loved that the stuff i did buy premade was all local, handmade deliciousness.  my friend’s parents own the fish market and his friend’s dad owns the mexican market.. it helps to have an “in” when it comes to delicious food!

after dinner my mom opened gifts~

 9-13-09 042 9-13-09 048 9-13-09 054

i got her this REALLY cute pelican. for some reason pelicans remind me of my mom!9-13-09 065

she really loved it, as you can see. i also got her a stylish workout outfit which she readily modeled for me~

9-13-09 077

haha, a little long. we are shorties. last year we searched HIGH and LOW for running pants that were not flared at the bottom but had no luck. when i saw these i knew she had to have them! doesn’t she look so cute?!

after the gift extravaganza it was time for…


9-13-09 083

she has quite the set of lungs on her, good thing she was never a smoker, blew them out in one huff!

9-13-09 086


and of course.. it was red velvet cake~

9-13-09 089

i honestly don’t love frosting so i picked out some slivers of just cake, i could have sent my frosting over to this mama i suppose?!

and i paired it with some vanilla bean ice cream~

9-13-09 091

perfection in a bowl.

after things died down, my mom and i ended the night the best way possible~

9-13-09 094


i killed her. no, i was not about to let her win just because it was her birthday!

now i am cuddled up with the pooches, watching chopped and contemplating a shower tonight or in the morning.. i never can decide on sunday nights because i have to wake up SO early on mondays.. hmm yep, another pointless paragraph i just wrote and you just read. sorry, i wish i could give you those 4 seconds of your life back!

state fair tomorrow!

yayer. goodnight friends!


1. what is your ideal cereal-to-milk ratio? do you drink the leftover milk? how do you feel about soggy cereal? i said it up there but i will say it again, i just like a tiny bit of milk and if there is any left over i put more cereal in the bowl to use up the milk.. obviously ;) and i haaate soggy.

2. are there any kitchen gadgets you use for a different purpose than what it is made for? in addition to the pastry blender for guacamole, i also use a garlic press to press string cheese into bits when making my stuffed mushrooms.

xo. janetha b.

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elise September 15, 2009 at 12:16 pm

homie you KNOW i love me some soggy a$$ cereal. haha. mmmm.

happy birthday to your momz. you guys are SO adorb.

oh and ps, you are amazingly crafty with that pastry tool. i never knew what that was for. your use seems way more practical, haha.

hayleycepeda September 15, 2009 at 3:59 pm

How did I get so behind on posts?! You are too quick for me. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous mom!!! I can’t believe she is 57! WOWSERS…you guys are such a good-looking family. Look at all that blond hair!

Your guac looks soooo good!! The one time I tried to make my own it came out too liquidy from the grape tomatoes. I found some healthy stuff at Costco and now I just go with that.

As for cereal, I really and try to stay away from it since it’s a “trigger food” but if I do I like it super soggy…the complete opposite of you! I really don’t like THAT much milk in it but I try to get it all mushy before I eat it. Your way sounds more normal! :)

Michal Mymo September 19, 2009 at 8:57 am

that guacamole looks so tasty, and so do those fruit kabobs!

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