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by Janetha on September 11, 2009

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it is late and i am somewhat delirious from either a) lack of sleep, b) being overworked and underpaid or c) too much kitchen experimentation for one night.  i think i will pick d) all of the above!

that may explain the shenanigans that are about to ensue. i know this girl knows all about shenanigans!


remember how someone was going to test drive the 4runner this morning? they canceled on me. lameo. the quest to sell the auto marches on!

side note: did you know that webster’s says canceled can be spelled two ways? canceled and cancelled. huh.. who knew? i used to spell traveled with two L’s but then i changed it to one.. which i believe is correct but the internet tells me it can be both ways. maybe this girl or this girl can clear it up?

meal 1: two almond chiaseed protein muffins @ 8:00 AM

9-10-09 007

i need to win this girl’s or this girl’s chia seed giveaway so i can make some more of these delectable delights! or if not these, maybe a pumpkin protein something from this girl’s blog.

for being a short work week, this has sure seemed like a long one. anyone else feel that way? maybe i am expecting it to be short and so then it seems long.. if that makes any sense in the least bit. moving on!

meal 2: protein oats @ 11:45 AM

9-10-09 009

just ask this girl, she will tell you that oats are good any time of day! nothing fancy this time, just the protein powder and a plethora of cinnamon.

i found myself in quickbooks hell for the majority of the afternoon. anyone else use quickbooks at their place of employment? at times i want to shoot myself in the face because of too much quickbooking. or at least in the foot. if i did inflict some sort of wound upon myself i know that this girl could help fix me up with her skillz (that pay the billzzz)!

can you tell i am on one tonight? not sure which one. maybe this one, maybe that one, but for sure not that one. we all know from the looks of her poetry today that this girl is also on one!

meal 3: fine dining at it’s best @ 3:40 PM

9-10-09 010

what is that shiii janetha b?!

well you see, it is me being green, which i know this girl would appreciate, and using my almost empty cottage cheese container for a bowl and my bottomless contigo bottle for my beverage consumption.  let’s face it, i go through several of these cottage cheese containers weekly, as i am sure this girl probably does too.  may as well use them for something!

let’s take a look inside!

9-10-09 012

cottage cheese, garbanzos, diced red peppers, chicken and ranch seasoning. lunch of champions!

served with a mini pita.. pretty sure these are called “pitettes” or something like that. because they are cute and petite. like this girl.

9-10-09 014

five o’clock finally arrived and it was quitting time. phew! and i had the gym on my mind.. like my fellow gym rat aka this girl.

headed to the madre’s gym for my workout had a killer HIIT sesh that left me looking like a hot mess, speaking of hott.. this girl is.


  • 2 min @ 6 mph
  • 1 min @ 6.5 mph
  • 1 min @ 7 mph
  • 1 min @ 7.5 mph
  • 1 min @ 8 mph


  • 1 min @ 4 mph
  • 1 min @ 5 mph
  • 1 min @ 6 mph
  • 1 min @ 7 mph


  • 1 min @ 3 mph
  • 1 min @ 4 mph
  • 1 min @ 5 mph
  • 1 min @ 6 mph


  • 1 min @ 2 mph
  • 1 min @ 3 mph
  • 1 min @ 4 mph
  • 1 min @ 5 mph

incline= 0

  • 1 min @ 9 mph
  • 1 min @ 3 mph

the end!

and then i did something that this girl probably did today.. worked my abs!

9-10-09 016

took some moves out of the oxygen abs edition..

24 of these.. (12 each side)

9-10-09 017

30 of these…

9-10-09 019

30 of these…

9-10-09 020

and 30 of these…

9-10-09 021

whew! maybe one day i will be as ripped as this girl.

then it was time for a new kitchen testing sesh!  i love converting recipes into body-for-life friendly ones so that is just what i did!

meal 4: sweet & sour meatballs+brown rice & green salad

9-10-09 067 9-10-09 065

when i say green salad, i mean green salad! romaine, cucumber, green pepper and avocado. with a balsamic dressing.

the meatball conversion was a success! i heard this girl also had some success with balls today too ;)

9-10-09 070


i ate 7 thousand pounds of fruit. but i am sure that is something this girl would approve of… especially had it been in a bowl dubbed cereal.

the reason for all this fruit consumption you ask?

smoothie recipe testing!

9-10-09 072

yeah, so my mom is having her friend’s wedding reception in her back yard on saturday. you guys are all invited! sigh, actually i guess that is not really possible. well, not unless you are this girl or this girl!

anyway, i am in charge of the “tiki hut”… it is a hawaiian theme.. ok, maybe not as legit as the surroundings of this girl right now, but it will have to do. so i was concocting lots of different combos to create some fabulous fruity smoothies… look at me, hard at work in my test kitchen. not quite the smoothie specialist like this girl!9-10-09 071

we had 3 winners!

  • strawberry banana smoothie
  • pina colada smoothie
  • peach mango apple smoothie

it was smoothie madness i tell you! who doesn’t like a smoothie? i know this girl and this girl and even this girl love a good smoothie!

i will tell you more about their ingredients come saturday :)

while testing out the recipes, i had my mom, dad and marshall tasting them as well and giving me feedback.  marshall was watching football all the while. i hate football! i am sure marshall wishes i loved it like this girl and this girl and maybe even this girl.

well because i was constantly munching on zillions of fresh peaches (for some grilled peach porn please talk to this girl)

9-10-09 060

…and strawberries.. and grapes..

i decided no more meals were necessary! but if you want to check out some body for life style meals number five and six you can probably check out this girl’s blog.

whew. guess why i AM SO FREAKING EXCITED?!

my favorite band just announced their tour dates. and they will be here november 27th.

yes. and after doing a quick google reader search i realized that this girl also hearts MTB and i am thinking we should have a dance party with this girl and this girl in our hotel room at the foodbuzz festival! hooray!

another one of my favorite bands will be here october 30th.

i know that this girl can certainly appreciate that.

well, tomorrow is friday! get excited! remember, it is flashback friday so if you participate let me know and i will link to your post!! i know we can’t all top this girl’s cute kiddo photos but we can at least try :)

okay, i think i have worn my hyperlink button right out! although i would love to link to your lovely blogs all night long, my eyes hurt kind of like this girl’s. and i need some sleep! so that is where i am headed, check all you dudes and dudettes tomorrow!


1. favorite band(s)?

2. favorite smoothie?

xo. janetha b.

p.s. where’s waldo?

9-10-09 062

yes, my mom was playing golf today and this is what she was wearing and someone referred to her as “waldo”.. the resemblance is striking, no?

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