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by Janetha on August 30, 2009

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and by rock, i actually mean photos of food.

it is 1:41 AM and i just got home, but since i get to sleep in and i haven’t posted today i thought i would throw something up! mainly because if i don’t then i will have a mega marathon post later, i already have enough to post now as it is.  this is going to be all my photos and hardly any witty commentary, i know, you are crying inside.

so without further ado…


last night i went up to brighton~my local ski resort~because there was a party going on.  i took my eats on the road and i am fairly certain it was

meal 5: turkey roll up @ 9ish PM

8-29-09 078

this was a flat out wrap, turkey & annie’s dijon mustard

8-29-09 073

it actually worked out to be a pretty balanced meal. 150 calories, 19g protein, 17g carbs and 3.5g fat…8-29-09 075 8-29-09 074

it was good times in the mountains, i didn’t take a lot of photos.. well we took ONE.


who’s short? janetha’s short.

and they played some new snowboard vids on a humungo screen which was hanging on the main building of brighton~

8-29-09 084

lalala. hang sesh times twenty two. down the canyon and time for

meal 6: greek yogurt+peach+cinnamon+TJs fiber worms (thanks danica)

8-29-09 002

 8-29-09 001

8-29-09 003 

then sleep.


so i woke up today and was really feeling like a pepsi.

8-29-09 004

noooooo. not really guys.  it was an iced americano in a pepsi glass. i don’t do the soda juice.

and then it was straight to the gym!


HIIT on treadmill

  • 1 min @ 5.0
  • 1 min @ 5.5
  • 1 min @ 6.0
  • 1 min @ 6.5
  • 1 min @ 7.0
  • 1 min @ 7.5
  • 1 min @ 6.0
  • 1 min @ 6.6
  • 1 min @ 7.2
  • 1 min @ 7.8
  • 1 min @ 6.0
  • 1 min @ 6.7
  • 1 min @ 7.4
  • 1 min @ 8.1
  • 1 min @ 6.0
  • 1 min @ 6.8
  • 1 min @ 7.6
  • 1 min @ 8.4
  • 1 min @ 10.0 <–yayer
  • 1 min @ 2.0

distance 2.22 miles

then i found my old notebook from my first body for life challenge. i thought it would be fun to read, i had written down all my meals and workouts and thoughts…

i rode the bike for 15 minutes while reading the journal. ha, it was good stuff. i write some funny things down.

stats: duration=37:44, max HR=181 (again?!), ave HR=131, calories=223


sooo today WAS going to be free day but marshall had some plans come up and so i figured i could just eat clean instead, no sense in eating crappy if i was not going to go out anywhere.

meal 1: turkey roll uppp (yes, same as yesterday) @ 12:00 PM

8-29-09 007

then i went to sunflower market, GNC and the regular grocery store…

meal 2: muscle milk light @ 3:00 PM

8-29-09 008

we were having a bbq later so i made some of susan’s delicious sunflower hummus~

 8-29-09 009

8-29-09 010

oops forgot to snap a photo of the finished product!

meal 3: oikos, PB2 & choco protein powder @ 6 PM

8-29-09 012

this was heaven in a tub.

thennn it was off to allie & maynard’s for the BBQ!

lots of good snacky appetizers~all from scratch mind you..

  • my veggies & hummus
  • lindsay’s fruit & dip
  • neal’s blueberry salsa
  • jaime’s chips & salsa (no photo)
  • allie’s jalepeno artichoke dip & pita chips (ok, that one was from coscto)

 8-29-09 015  8-29-09 017

8-29-09 018

8-29-09 016

remember when neal cooked for us here and here? well he was at it again. on the menu? fresh alaskan halibut crusted in cilantro macadamia pesto topped with blueberry salsa, served with tri-color pepper rice


maynard recently got back from fishing in alaska so this fish was fresher than the prince of bel air.

i got a play by play.

8-29-09 020

neal coated the fish in the pesto & olive oil + garlic aioli but his hands were very messy while doing so.

8-29-09 025

maynard helped him out with a drink. (goofy friends, i love them)

8-29-09 023

8-29-09 032

8-29-09 034

8-29-09 038


the rice~

8-29-09 037

8-29-09 039

the pesto had cilantro, macadamia nuts, olive oil, red wine vinegar, lime juice, love… and prob some other stuff.

my plate~

before i topped it with the blueberry salsa~

8-29-09 044

and after..

 8-29-09 045

it was good. marshall hates fish and he went back for seconds!

8-29-09 052

photo time!

 8-29-09 024 8-29-09 027

see the girl on the right? yeah. we made fun of bayley all. night. long. why? because she is wearing a romper.  i am sorry, i know they are somewhat “in style” these days, but those should be reserved for infants and toddlers… not 25 year old school teachers. but i love her just the same.

8-29-09 028

the gracious chef neal himself!8-29-09 048 8-29-09 049  8-29-09 064 we played darts…8-29-09 071

i got a bullseye!!8-29-09 072 

oh and i had whipped up white chocolate raspberry cheesecakes for dessert…

8-29-09 054

glorious, no? i didn’t eat one. but everyone else enjoyed them! i was on plan, remember? i am glad i kept my eats in check and got my workout in today, that means tomorrow is total relaxation station.

well no time for talk, it is now 2:27 and i am going to hit the hay. just wanted to throw these amazing eats up here before the post backlog got too long ;)

free day tomorrow! i will catch up with you all then, i didn’t have much computer face time today.


1. do you like seafood? what is your fave? i looove all seafood.. but crab and hamachi are up high on the list.

2. favorite dessert?

xo. janetha b.

p.s. susan participated in flashback friday! next week everyone else should too ;)

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