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by Janetha on August 26, 2009

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i passed up cloud nine today and skipped right on up to cloud 22.  why 22 you ask? well because it is my favorite number of course.  and today has been one of my favorite days!!  so many good, fun things have happened.  i will get to all that momentarily.

first i think you ALL need to know that tomorrow, thursday, august 27th, is national banana lovers day so celebrate accordingly!!


second i gotta say i was cracking up at all the creepster gym stories you guys shared!  if you want a laugh, go read the comments section of my last post.  comedy.  there are for sure some creepy dudes out there. i thought i would share a couple of the creepiest/funniest~

stacy said: “My great gym creeper story is getting felt up by a nasty guy in the pool on Monday! Eww! His explanantion was that he accidentally ended up in my lane and didn’t see me coming. Ummm… okay, lingering hands tell a very different story! Gross!”

ellie said: “My high school swimming coach saw me in the hallway one day and said, “I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on”. Ummm. Yikes.

lainie said: “No recent creepster gym stories because I have a home gym…so it’s probably a good thing I don’t have stories because if I did they’d only be about my husband and that’d be weird…”

that was fun.

third i want you to all know that i have had a jam-packed busy day today and so i have not yet replied to your questions from my last post, no worries, i am getting to that after i post this, promise!!  i also am going to work on catching up on blogs, i had the ol’ reader whittled down to the 30’s before i left work and when i got home tonight an opened it this is what i saw:


so as it is clearly almost reaching the triple digit status, i naturally closed it and decided to blog before attempting to read other blogs. first things first, right?


now that all that business is outta the way i can tell you all about today.

ahem, i went to bed at 12:30 AM. some of my (drunk as) roommates and their boyfriends got home around 2 AM. fighting. yelling. screaming. sooo, a few times marshall and i ask them to zip it, long story short it ended in lots of drama and i didn’t get back to bed until 3:30 AM. grumble. so today was not off to a bright and shining start. little did i know, good things were in store!


did not eat until suuuper late~such is life in the fast lane.

meal 1: protein oats @ 10:30 AM which is a breakfast challenge FAIL and a waffle wednesday FAIL, yeah, i am aware of my failure status, please forgive me, i needed a quick, easy and tasty fix (TWSS)

meals 165

meal 2: what do you expect? @ 2:00 PM

meals 166

yep. same thing. every day this week. this time i did spruce it up a bit by adding some diced farmer’s market tomato to the mix (which, if you are just tuning in, is 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup garbanzos, 2 oz diced chicken and hidden valley ranch seasoning to taste)

oh! holler at my girl therese who tried this combo with some tuna :)

meals 169

never gets old.

ok, so this is where things get good and i get hungry.

5 o’clock rolls around and marshall and i go to the car dealership!! yayer! little did i know i would be there for two and a half hours.. eek! lucky for me i had this guy in my purse~

meal 3: myoplex lite bar @ 6ish

meals 171

old flavor, not my fave, too chocolate-y for me but it did the trick!

meals 173


meals 174 

yayer! 2006 limited wrx wagon :D i am stoked, i was looking for a subi wagon with leather interior (cause of the puppers) for quite some time, finally came across this gem while walking to the ball stadium last night! random! i still have to sell my 4runner, haha, so now i have TWO cars.. gotta get rid of the old one ASAP!

stoked on the fact that it has heated seats for winter.. just need to get a snowboard rack and i am set! here are a couple photos off the website~

car2 car1

yay. ok, so that was reason #1 today kicked serious bootay.

thennn i went home and i had some seriously rad mail!

mail item #1~ from my girl emily!

 meals 180

meals 181

EMILY YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER! haha, isn’t that so thoughtful? i especially love the caption she added. so true, so true. thanks girl!!! i love me some garbanzos! and i strictly call them garbanzos, you will notice, never chickpeas.

and then mail item #2~ from my girl danica!

meals 179

oh. em. gee. how thoughtful is this?! danica had noticed me crying on the blog about being out of certain trader joe’s items that are my FAVE so she sent them along with some totally body-for-life friendly protein bars she found! WOW! THANK YOU DANICA, this was so unexpected (hello, huge box on my table when i get home? what is this?!) and it made my mom (ok, and me) almost cry. danica just started body-for-life herself so go check out her blog to see some stellar BFL eats and workouts!

so yeah, after the car and not one but TWO amazing bloggie surprises… i decided today turned out to be an epic day.

and it was 8 PM.

and i was so hungry.

and i still needed to work out.

and it was upper body day which takes 45 minutes.

instead of eating and then going to the gym at like, 9 PM, i switched it up.

i decided to do my HIIT today and i will do my upper body workout tomorrow, because HIIT is 20 min. and since i did it yesterday on the treadmill i decided to give my knees a break and did it on the elliptical. for fun facts on the different kinds of ellipticals check out susan’s post!


here are the details~

  • 2 min @ level 1 @ 9 mph

then i maintained a speed of between 10 and 12 mph for the rest of the time~

  • 1 min @ level 2
  • 1 min @ level 3
  • 1 min @ level 4
  • 1 min @ level 5
  • 1 min @ level 2
  • 1 min @ level 3
  • 1 min @ level 4
  • 1 min @ level 5
  • 1 min @ level 2
  • 1 min @ level 3
  • 1 min @ level 4
  • 1 min @ level 5
  • 1 min @ level 2
  • 1 min @ level 3
  • 1 min @ level 4
  • 1 min @ level 5
  • 1 min @ level 6 @ 14 mph
  • 1 min @ level 1 @ 6 mph

stats: duration=21:24, distance=3.43 miles, max HR=181, ave HR=154, calories=171.

fun fact, this is the 3rd workout in a row that my max HR has been 181. what up with that? weird. i like number things like that :)


ok so obv when i got home i was dying of hunger so i grabbed an apple~it was some new, real tart kind i got from the farmer’s market. i really wish i could remember the name of this variety because it was one i had never heard of and it was REAL good!

meals 178

i cant fit my fist in my mouth. true story.

and then i was debating if i wanted to cook dinner or make a green monster… decisions decisions. while i wanted some food to enjoy, to chew, all that good stuff…  i didn’t want to take the time. so convenience won out over culinary arts and i whipped up

meal 4: protein monster @ 9:30 PM

 meals 183

in the mix: 1 scoop vanilla whey protein, 1 cup almond milk, 1 peach, 2 cups kale, handful frozen mixed berries, crapton of ice

stare into the depths…

meals 189

mmmm.. swampy.

ok. so that is that. here i am, typing away. it is almost 11. where does the time go?! i promise to catch up on blogland soon. just maybe not tonight, considering the time…

i should shut up now, this is an ultra long post!


1. favorite way to enjoy a banana? obv mine is over vanilla bean ice cream!

2. favorite variety of apple? honey crisp comes in first, braeburn comes in second.

3. can you fit your fist in your mouth? how about touch your tongue to your nose? i can only do the former.

xo. janetha b.

p.s. my favorite ohioian is having a snackyface giveaway!

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WholeBodyLove August 27, 2009 at 10:12 pm

My fave way to eat a banana? Banana soft serve mixed into my oats with a lil vanilla, cinnamon and vanilla yogurt! …and behind door number 3: A BRAND NEW CAR!!! I’m stoked for you!

katecooks August 27, 2009 at 10:41 pm

omg sweet new car!!!!!! that’s amazing! the first time you drive off the lot is heavenly right?? i still talk to mine in a baby voice sometimes LOL.

Megan August 27, 2009 at 10:44 pm

all i have to say is that you are a CRAZY FAST runner!!! and..

1. fav way to enjoy a banana? in oats or in a smoothie!! surprisingly, i’m not a huge fan of them plain..

2. fav kind of apple? gala or fuji.. love the greenish red ones!

3. no! i wish ;)

Lara (Thinspired) August 28, 2009 at 1:56 am

OMG! Awesome new wheels!! :) Congrats on the new baby ;)
I went away for one night and my reader nearly gave me a heart attack when I came back. We are all such slaves to technology ;) Can’t complain about a lack of reading material, though!
1. Lately I am into frozen bananas. Just wrapping them in a paper towel and eating them like a popcicle :)

Jenny August 28, 2009 at 4:36 pm

google reader is always the bearer of bad news.. i literally cringed this morning when i saw it was at 100+

i am still devestated that i missed national bananas day — i def. couldn’t plugged some major that’s what she said comments.. drat!

1. in oatiessss
2. gala
3. no fist in mouth action but i totally rock the tongue to my nose.

Gophogmorgo July 28, 2010 at 2:40 am

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