a dog day afternoon.

by Janetha on August 22, 2009

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not sure where that saying comes from but it doubles as a great post title because this one is all about the pooches!

time to announce the winner of penelope jane’s birthday giveaway!

if you haven’t caught it yet, or if you need your dose of food photos, check out flashback friday round 3 below.

so before i announce the giveaway winner i want to showcase all the fabulous entries.  i enjoyed receiving the entries so much that i HAVE to share the cuteness with you all.  no food in this post, strictly canines!

some of you had a LOT to say about your pups!  i loved reading all the entries and i am directly copying and pasting what you wrote about your dog.  also, if you included a link to your blog i linked your name back to your blog, i know some of you do have blogs that did not include your blog link in the entry… and i am lazy… so sorry.  if you are wondering why your name is not linked back to your blog, that is why!

#1: joey the pomeranian

owner edytka says: “7 years old and very dear to my heart. My dad was a dog breeder and Joey came from a litter that was born just one week before my dad passed away of a heart attack. Joey was the smallest of the litter and the second I saw him, I just knew I wanted to take care of him. He lives with my mom right now (she’s about 5hrs away from me), because I know she’d be lonely without him. He’s a total cuddlebug and light as a feather! When I pick him up, I can hardly believe how little he is sometimes!”


#2: boomer the black lab/border collie mix

owner aj says: “She is VERY loyal and smart.  This is a great mix!  The only downfall…she sheds like crazy.  Seriously I will sweep and 2 hours later there are black fur tumbleweeds blowing through the kitchen.  It’s all worth it though :) She loves to give hugs.  She can also do any trick in the book and we’ve taught her to stay out of the living room at age of 10.  So the saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is bogus!”


#3: chauncy the chihuahua/terrier/human mix

owner abby says: “he has this HUGE pile of toys and they all have names, of course. Even though there are two dozen of them, you can tell him to go get a specific one and he can do it (“Go get snowball” or “Go get Bob.”)
His favorite toy ever is a golf ball.  He sleep under the covers like a human, with his head on the pillow and body under the sheets (often found sleeping on his back with this legs all spread out.)  Doggy sundaes from the Double Dip Depot and Frosty Paws are his favorite summer treats (but seriously, who doesn’t love ice cream in the summer?)”


#4: stanford pugsley the pug

owner coco says: “1. Pugsley absolutely loves to travel (I just stick him under the seat and he is perfect the entire flight). 2. He loves watching TV and barking at horses and other dogs. His favorite is when the Westminster dog show is on! 3. He is epileptic so he has seizures randomly….it’s sad and it’s making him a little bit crazier ever year, but I wouldn’t change a thing. He is the cookiest, lovingest (?word?) dog around. I’m even allergic to dogs and I still love him hahah. 4. He is so ugly it makes him cute!!!! He thinks he’s a macho stud so he always goes up against the big dogs and doesn’t ever know what he is getting himself into.”


#5: casper the american eskimo

owner april says: “Even when it’s hot outside he pretends to shiver so that we will let him in!”


#6: champ the boxer

pseudo owner ally says: “He’s SO loveable for a boxer (which I didnt expect) He will literally come “cuddle hug” you if you’re sitting on the floor. He thinks he’s a small dog & tries to sit in your lap. He also does the cutest thing when anyone he knows walks in the door. His butt wiggles out of his pure excitement to see you. I call him wiggle butt. Fitting, I know. However, once he gets really comfortable (especially when lying on you), he lets out the most foul smelling fart EVER and then looks at you, like “what?” haha it’s great.”


#7: boomer the boston terrier/french bulldog mix

pseudo owner ally says: “He is quite possibly one of the most ugly/cute dogs I have ever seen. He has a terrible underbite & also has two different colored eyes (one is brown, one blue) BUT he has the BEST personality in a dog. SO loveable, exciteable and just all around fun dog to be around. When you say his name or call him over, he just looks so excited and runs over to you. It’s crazy to think that the reason that his mom & dad got him (boyfriends roomies) was because he’s not full boston terrier and that’s what the original owner wanted in a dog. He’s extremely obedient and loves to love on you. And because he’s small, he’ll fall asleep right in your lap with the goofiest look of content on his face.(usually with his massive tongue sticking out) However, this poor pup throws. up. a. lot. AND it usually happens when he’s laying on a couch or chair with you. It makes for a lot of laundry but we love him anyways.”


#8: the brat the boston terrier

owner k says: “She’s a Boston terror, I mean terrier. She is like Dr. Jekeyll and Mr. Hyde – on one hand she can be little miss priss but on the other hand she’s a freaking psycho! She’ll jump over our couch, she will jump off our moving boat, she attacks squirrels.”


#9: boy boston the boston terrier

owner k says: “He’s a Boston and I think he may be mentally retarded – seriously, there’s something just not right about him. He tried to be a guard dog but he’s afraid of EVERYTHING (sliding glass door, refrigerator door, the broom, the plastic container that we keep their dog food in, people other than his immediate family, I could go on).”


#10: L the chocolate lab

owner k says: “She’s getting up there and can’t hear any more and has arthritis – sad! She’s a super sweet dog though.”


#11: daisy the black lab

owner therese says: “We call her zombie dog because when she gets excited she spreads her fingers out and waves her paws in the air like a zombie.  She ALWAYS wants to sit in my lap like she weighs 10 lbs instead of 50!”


#12: murphy the golden retriever

owner lee says: “The funniest thing about him is how he sleeps.  He loves to sleep on his back with his feet in the air, therefore exposing himself to all the world!  It’s really cute though.  I think I probably have a picture of it somewhere on my blog.”


#13: oscar the golden retriever

owner lauren says: “He LOVES walks in the park.  as soon as I say the word ‘park’ – he starts jumping for joy.  I love it.  He also LOVES cheese and knows the sound of any cheese wrapper.  For instance, If I am opening a bag of shredded cheese – he sprints in the kitchen to beg.“


#14: kenzie the airedale terrier

owner maddy says: “She loves to swim and lay with her “underside” against the leather couch.”


#15: eden the pitbull/boxer

owner ashley says: “One of the funniest thing she does, is that she’s really gassy and she farts all the time…. and loud. after she farts i think shes embarassed so she’ll get up and walk away and lay back down.”


#16: the nameless pup!

owner gina says: “It’s just amazing how much happiness they can bring us!”


#17: rexi the great dane

owner muffy says: “she loves food like us!  She knows how to shake, wave, talk, say please, lay, and sit … and how to get in the kitchen, get off the couch, and stay.  and go lay down.  lol.  And she knows what “can i have a kiss” means but she rarely puts out.  She is a big intimidating cow looking dog, but really she is a prissy puppy who hates to walk in wet grass and loves to lay on the couch (though she isn’t allowed).  She loves playing with other pups but they are usually scared and don’t understand she just wants to play.”


#18: maddie the jack russell

owner meghann says: “A fun fact is at 16 weeks old she has already figured out how to escape from her crate! :)”


#19: archibald dylan the apricot miniature poodle

owner susan says: “He is really good at playing hide and seek. I used to make him stay in one spot, go hide somewhere in the house, and call his name to come find me. He would get sooooo excited when he finally found me!”


#20: rudy the mutt

owner susan says: “He has a one track mind – FOOD. When people come to the door, he’ll always pick up a shoe and try to bring it to them as a gift :)”


#21: shelby the mixed breed

owner lauren says: “My husband and I are convinced that Shelby thinks she’s a human. She sleeps on the bed with us, has “her own” leather recliner, always tried to sit shotgun in the car, and prefers peanut butter to dog food. We spoil her rotten, considering she and our cat are our “children” for the foreseeable future :) “


#22: bogart the pembroke welsh corgie

owner rachel says: “We’ve tried to teach him some tricks and he knows them well…almost too well. He’ll go through the whole gamut of them when a treat is being offered. If he’s being asked to sit, he’ll sit, play dead and roll over just to get them over with!”


#23: duke the italian greyhound

owner michelle says: “A cute think Duke does (daily, especially in the summer!) is jump onto my bed, flop onto his side and hold up his front paw for you to rub his belly!  It’s so adorable!”


#24: bailey the toy poodle

owner lindsay says: “He was abused before I got him so he is super shy and very protective.  His favorite thing ever to do is knock bottles and cans over.  It’s kind of annoying but super cute all at the same time!”


#25: chief the miniature australian shephard

owner lindsay says: “His best trick is playing frisbee!  If he even sees a frisbee he gets super excited and will chase it until we make him stop.  He had to take a small break a few months ago because he takes it so seriously that he broke a tooth.  Poor little guy had to have surgery on it!”


#26: maple the bichon shi tzu

owner allison says: “I think she may be a minature foodie – whenever I walk into the kitchen, she’s right on my heels!”


#27: bella the black lab

owner kellie says: “She has a little “quirk”…. we feed her in her crate every morning and evening… she pushes her bowl completely around the edge of her crate one time before she eats.”


#28: matilda the shih tzu poodle mix

owner katharina says: “Right now she’s working on perfecting her favorite yoga poses: upward and downward dog.”


#29: chloe the bulldog

owner kellie says: “She has a mind of her own and is rather like having a two year old child stuck in the TERRIBLE TWOS.  She knows how to open the dog crates from the outside with her teeth.  She has “freed” my moms dog from her crate on more than one occasion.  She also unzips the zipper on her pillow cover…..”


#30: nugget the golden retriever

owner kellie says: “She doesn’t have any special tricks or do anything stupendous.  She just IS and we love her so much.  She better live forever :0)”


#31: mitzi the ???

owner kellie says: “Mitzi thinks it is her job to keep all the other dogs in line… she barks at their heels and “rounds them up” to go outside or come in or eat.”


#32: peanut the ???

owner jenna says: “the cutest thing she does is to scold our other dog when he misbehaves ( doesn’t stay with us on our walk).  Peanut can speak, play dead, shake, high five and so on…my fiance trained her well.”


#33: pedro the ???

owner jenna says: “If a person tells him he/she loves him he rolls over on his back.”


#34: franklin beans the bulldog

owner erica says: “He loves to be lazy (he never wants to get out of bed in the morning)”


#35: lando the puggle

owner allison says: ”The best – I taught her a trick inadvertantly – because she apparently loves peppers so much.  I always make my lunch in the mornign – and cut up bell peppers for my salad.  I’d always give her a piece and say “you want some veggies” – and she’d jump up and get the piece.  Now if we just say “veggie” – she walks around like a circus clown, on her back legs, waiting for a piece of vegetable.  too cute (but obv i’m partial)”


#36: daisy the bloodhound

owner sarah says: “Although she’s a very loyal dog, she is incredibly silly sometimes. She likes to bark at my boyfriend’s friend when she’s thirsty, so he’ll get her water. She’s also started to bark at him when she wants to go for a walk. We love to take walks together, even though she gets quite tired after them. Daisy says thank you very much for the chance to win such fabulous treats. She hopes she wins.”


#37: J.C. the ???

owner carrie says: “I think she has more clothes than I do.  We have colored her hair pink, purple, blue, and an assortment of others.  She loves it, she LOVES anything that is giving her attention.  Although she is full grown, she only weighs about 4 pounds.  She is teeny!  She can walk on her front legs.  She does this when she is using the restroom, it is the weirdest thing I have ever seen!  Her back feet do not tough the ground at all while she is using the restroom.  She continues to walk on her front legs until she is far away from where she used the restroom.  My mom says she doesn’t like to get her feet wet..haha.”


#38: julius chenwald the jack russell terrier

owner lynn says: “he has his own blog (http://juliuschenwald.posterous.com/)  where you can view his acting reel, hear his speech for first puppy, and see when he was in the Olympics.  Don’t believe me?  Just click and see….”


#39: cady the staff terrier/shepherd mix

owner tiffany says: “What cracks us up the most about her is when we get home late at night, she won’t even bother to get off of “her” couch but she’ll just stretch and SMILE. She seriously *smiles* with her eyes half closed, and it kills us every time. If my husband goes to scratch her belly, her smile will grow. It’s like a Grinch smile.”


#40: roscoe the rhodesian ridgeback

owner sarah says: “He weighs 122 pounds! Our favorite game is tag, one of us takes a toy and runs around the house until the other can wrestle the toy away. Then we switch. It is very good exercise!”


#41: buck the mutt

owner sarah says: “He once ate my favorite slippers and I was sooo mad, so there is an ongoing family joke that Buck and I don’t like each other, but it is not true at all. He is a good boy (as long as you keep your slippers out of his path), and full of energy. He has a really funny habit–he LOVES playing with hair. If you sit or lay down on the floor he will come rub his face in your hair, and won’t stop until you get up. The picture is from my very first week of food blogging!”


#42: honey girl the german shephard (no photo)

owner sarah says: “Honey loves to sit right in between the dishwasher and oven, which makes it awfully hard for my mom to do pretty much anything in the kitchen. She also sheds more than any dog I have ever met, and “molts” twice a year. She looks like she’s doubled in size because there is so much extra fur on her!”

#43: ekko the ???

owner amanda says: “one of my favorite silly things she does is sit on the couch like she’s a person and watch TV, she’s so hilarious when she does this, I’ve attached a pic of how she sits, it’s pretty cute. Random fact: she got her photo banned from myspace for this pic! I uploaded it to my myspace and the next day they removed it and sent me a warning saying it was “indecent” how funny is that!”


#44: einstein the lab/pitbull mix

owner heather says: “He has to poop in private.  No person or other dog can be around…hilarious, but it makes for a difficult time traveling when he would rather hold it for 48 hours than poop in front of me while on his leash.”


#45: radley the basenji/lab mix

owner heather says: “She loves to look out the window for bunny rabbits in our front yard.  She will wait for hours waiting for her “friend” to appear.  So sweet…until she goes crazy trying to get outside.  I know she’s going to take our plantation blinds out one of these days.”


#46: niko the maltese/yorkie

owner paige says: “My husband and I named her Niko after where we got married. We married in Nokomis (pronouced Nikomis) Florida, and we got her about a month before we got married. Her middle name is Maui, after where we honeymooned.”


#47:hillary the crap.. i am not sure what she is because erin didn’t say but my bet is a westie!

owner erin did not say anything about this sweetie, but she has a lot to say about her on her blog!


well there you have it!  47 fantastic entries and 47 awesome dogs.  i honestly think that i am more obsessed with dogs than i am with food.  this was a really fun opportunity to connect with all the other dog lovers out there~i am so glad there are so many of you!!

without further ado, let’s pick a winnnnner!


the winner is #34: FRANKLIN BEANS THE BULLDOG!


he looks so excited :D

erica please send me your contact info to janethabenson (at) gmail (dot) com and i will ship you & franklin beans the goodies!!

THANK YOU to everyone who entered.  i wish i could send treats to all of these sweeties.  i had a great time reading about your pups and the silly quirks each one of them has!

ok, now you can go back to reading about boring old food :P


who was your favorite??

xo. janetha b.

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VeggieGirl August 22, 2009 at 2:41 pm

So sorry I missed this!! Chooey would have been a nice addition to the mix :)

Congratulations to Erica!! Frank rocks.

insideiamdancing August 22, 2009 at 2:47 pm

OMG…such a CUTE post! I didn’t enter (scared of animals so no pets) but I could look at that photo of Niko all day long :D Congrats to the winner!

Michelle August 22, 2009 at 2:59 pm

ADORABLE!! I love Stanford Pugsley! And my Duke of course ;) Congrats to everyone for having such cute pets!!

lookingforserenity August 22, 2009 at 3:13 pm

I loved them all :) dogs are just too darn cute!

Alison August 22, 2009 at 3:18 pm

These were so fun to look at! It was a tough call but the funniest pic in my book is ekko sitting like a human on the couch! hahah!

carolinebee August 22, 2009 at 3:21 pm

OMG i could have read this foreva! They are all so freakin cute i want a pup now!!!

ksgoodeats August 22, 2009 at 3:39 pm

LOVES IT!!! Frank is a stud – congrats Erica!

Jenny August 22, 2009 at 3:44 pm

aw this post seriously made me wish i had a pooch! we could never have one because my sister was allergic – -after reading this though i’m willing to disown my sis to get one. ;) congrats to the winner!

Lynn (The Actors Diet) August 22, 2009 at 3:52 pm

awwww! this was such a fun post. thanks for featuring julius!

Holly August 22, 2009 at 5:15 pm

ahhhh soooooo cute! i can’t possibly pick a favorite (besides penelope + randy of course!). love all the pics and all the dog love!

happy day girl!


Susan August 22, 2009 at 5:23 pm

I loved reading about and aww-ing over every single one of these dogs!!! My faves were probably the “uglier” ones by normal standards – I love me a pooch with a little personality ;)

Congrats to Franklin Beans! Although honestly, sounds like all these dogs are winners. They obviously have owners who love them very much! :D

Erica August 22, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Aw! All of the dogs are so freaking cute. Thank you!!!

Angharad August 22, 2009 at 6:20 pm

#40: roscoe the rhodesian ridgeback is adorable and I love rhodesian ridgebacks! The winner is pretty much a delight to behold as well! Lovely post!

inmytummy August 22, 2009 at 7:47 pm

I’m biased and have to say mine is my favorite. But I was seriously cracking up at that dog that was sitting up on the couch.

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) August 22, 2009 at 8:17 pm

What a cute post…I like that you’re mixing it up! To tell you the absolute truth, I think Penelope is the cutest. Although all of the other dogs are adorable as well. I was allergic to dogs growing up but I think they’re better now that I’m older. Maybe I’ll be able to get one after school!

Paige@ RunningAroundNormal August 22, 2009 at 9:09 pm

What a fun contest! I think Niko was the cutest pup of the bunch, but I might be a wee bit biased since she’s my pup ;)

Such a cool contest :) Enjoy your goodies, Franklin Bean!!

Erin August 22, 2009 at 9:29 pm


OMG Janetha, brillz idea to have this post. I am in love with them all.

Of course, my little Hillary is my favorite. ;)

April (Foods of April) August 22, 2009 at 10:05 pm

What sweet little puppies!

Lainie August 22, 2009 at 10:22 pm

What a WONDERFUL idea! I just got my computer back (it broke, ugh) and I’m so sorry I missed out on this. I love, love, LOVE dogs….love this post, Janetha!

Kellie August 23, 2009 at 6:01 am

Loved the post Janetha! It was so much fun to see all the “babies” and hear how much they are loved :0)
congrats to the winner! Bulldogs are fabulous!

Emily (The Experimentarian) August 23, 2009 at 6:35 am

OMG Janetha, why??!! Those were the SWEETEST doggies ever and now I want one SO BAD! With the new house,it’s just a question of which comes first: baby or dog? ;)

allijag August 23, 2009 at 6:45 am

omg this is officially the best blog post ever! :)

i am so glad frankypie won! he’s gonna be lando’s husband some day! (fun fact, I betcha didn’t know that!) :) Congrats Erica and Frankster!

Abby August 23, 2009 at 10:01 am


Ally August 24, 2009 at 8:00 am

i’m such a sucker for american eksimo’s and black labs but all the dogs are absolutely adorable!

seriously though, AWESOME idea janetha & thank you for posting all the pics of the dogs! i loooved looking through them!

buffmuffy August 24, 2009 at 12:57 pm

ahhh the puggle puppy is so cute and i love the bulldogs lol!!!
and of course my rexi girl ;)

broccolihut August 24, 2009 at 1:14 pm

Ah man, I wish I had remembered to submit a photo in the midst of my packing. Oh well–I thoroughly enjoyed all the doggie pics!

Anne K. August 25, 2009 at 12:40 am

Love the abundance of doggies! They’re all so cute, and I loved reading about each one :D

lowandbhold August 25, 2009 at 11:50 am

A these poochies are so freaking cute! Love ’em all!

dog training tips September 6, 2009 at 6:33 am

Haha..very creative….like that

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