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i have been MIA for so long that i decided there is no way i can possibly blog it all.  so i will just give ya’ll some of the highlights i have had culinary-wise since last friday afternoon! how does that sound? good? great. let’s do it.


friday night i was feeling like i little italian.  no, that does not mean i wanted to go out with an italian midget.. it means i wanted to make a chicken pesto pizza!


  • boiled & shredded the chickenmeals 067
  • whipped up some of danica’s healthy pestomeals 069
  • mix ‘em together! meals 068
  • put it on top of half of an alternative whole wheat pita w/ marinara, mushrooms & parmesan meals 071
  • bake at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes and.. voilà!meals 073

not the prettiest sigh since my lighting and camera sucked, but it was DEEELISH!

and then i wanted to bake! so i made a batch of my vegan peanut butter bars but i used a mini muffin tin and made individual cups instead. worked out so cute!

meals 082

i had a few casualties where the tops of the cups came apart from the bottoms so i had to pair a few tops with some dark chocolate dreams.. yum yum and more yum!

meals 081

i also had a great run on friday! 3.2 miles in 28 minutes and yes my knee was killlling me after. i go to the doctor about it today. wish me luck.




nothing too exciting to report for saturday.. i ate out TWICE, don’t like to do that, but i also overloaded on cauliflower and broccoli and sabra at home because i was feeling a veggie void and so i had to take care of that.

meals 099 meals 098


i will show you my dinner because it was delicious and from a new spot called stella.

i had a turkey & avocado sandwich on whole wheat..

bad lighting!

meals 101

did not eat those chips.

meals 100

oh and check out this bowl i had some cereal in on saturday! LOVE IT.. it is marshall’s though.

meals 092

saturday we also went to the mall and i got 2 pair of ultra cute gladiator sandals. i will have to take a photo sometime. i have the widest feet on the planet so sandals are sometimes hard for me… my dumb toes fall off the sides. i was stoked when i found this style so i snagged 2 pair. yaaaaay.

insert 4 hours of watching the first season of true blood here. ugh, addicted.



sunday was ammmmazing! it was father’s day, jessica’s birthday, and natioanl peahces and cream day.  didn’t celebrate that last one but here is the scoop on the other two celebrations!

for jessica’s birthday we went to market street grill and the oyster bar (the bar side.. utah is weird and you have to have a private membership to get into certain bars and there are crazy liquor laws) and we had brunch, i got egg’s benedict sans hollandaise.. i love hollandaise but i never ever eat it. ever. the benedict is good without it so i figure no need for six thousand extra calories of saturated fat. i am sure there was plenty of that in the cheesey potatoes on the left in this photo.  oh, and yeah, that benedict has no ham. they forgot to put in on there and brought it out to me later, i threw it on there when i got it.

meals 104


they gave the birthday girl a flaming chocolate covered strawberry :)

meals 105

and as we were leaving we saw a guy parking his motorcycle.. check out his dog rider (how appropriate) who rides on the back of his bike in a backpack!

meals 109 meals 107 meals 108

sooo adorable and rad!!

father’s day festivities were AMAZING!  only because i was the chef :D

on the menu:

  • filet mignon with blackberry reduction sauce
  • rosemary & garlic mashed potatoes with chive
  • sauteed asparagus
  • green salad
  • fruit salad
  • steamed cauliflower
  • bread pudding for dessert

i will be adding recipe pages later for these delectable dishes (the steak/blackberry sauce, the potatoes and the bread pudding).. but here are some photos of the bomb dot com dinner…

meals 118


meals 119

the sauce..

meals 113

and the bread pudding, my first time making it and i hear i did a dang good job!

meals 124

with the bourbon sauce atop the slice…

meals 148

my mom and dad loved it :D

meals 153

meals 151

meals 152

haha.. my mom is so cute. she loves the bourbon sauce (she does not drink, never has, nobody in my family does) and i took one lick of the bourbon sauce and ry heaved a little and gagged. i guess i can chalk that up to all my whiskey drinking days in my younger years. i really hate liquor or anything liquor flavored!

and then we had some fun father’s day festivities.. and penny and randy hung out.. gotta throw in the puppers photos, right?!

meals 139 meals 136

and THEN as if that was not enough cooking for me, i went to marshall’s and made the vegans some banana chocolate chip muffins, i will also add this recipe page later but i snagged it from nicole’s blog, thanks girl!

meals 154 meals 156 meals 157 meals 158 meals 162 meals 164

meals 167

these were SOOO SCRUMPTIOUS!  you have to make these. seriously. they were moist and delicious and everyone loved them!

okay, so that was my weekend of cooking/baking/eating in a nutshell! boring? yes. but i got the job done.  and i am turbo busy at work before i hit up my appointment for my knee. so i leave you with these two questions, because i want to know:

1. do you prefer cooking or baking? i like to cook better usually because you dont have to measure anything ever, while with baking you do have to be careful to measure flour and whatnot. but i love to bake too, sooo..not deciding.

2. what is your VERY favorite muffin filling? i am going to try to make these muffins with cranberries next. i also love a good poppyseed muffin!

oh and before i forget, happy national chocolate eclaire day and national onion ring day!

i am really proud of you if you made it all the way through this long, boring post  :D

xoxox –janetha.

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april June 22, 2009 at 12:37 pm

Everything looks so good! I like to bake more.. its much more fun! And my favorite muffin ingredient.. pumpkin!

insideiamdancing June 22, 2009 at 1:29 pm

your posts and never boring- I LOVE them! ah, so much to say…first of all, you’ve got some wicked cooking skills. The pizza and dinner look amazing! And the peanut butter bars and muffins are now on my list of things to make… I don’t drink and hate the taste of liquor too but bread pudding is heavenly :D

The dog carrier is so cute! I would have taken a bunch of photos too- did the guy mind? lol. Brunch looks good, but how could they forget ham? Then it’s just..poached egg on English muffin! I’ve never eaten Hollandaise because for some reason I imagine it to taste like hot mayonnaise which doesn’t appeal :P

good luck with your knee appointment!

Jessica (jesslikesithot) June 22, 2009 at 1:32 pm

Ha, we both went a little MIA the past few days!! It’s all good, LIFE gets in the way-who knew?!

ahhh, I LOVE all of the doggy shots and baked gooods!!!!!! you’ve been such a baker lately! it all looks AMAZING….especially those banana chocolate chip muffins! send me some?! ;)

But good luck with the doctor’s appointment girl!

Susan June 22, 2009 at 3:43 pm

Okay, I loved every minute of this post!! Not boring at all!

1. I like cooking for the same reasons. I ALWAYS misread recipes and screw up baking projects. Plus, it’s easier to healthify a meal than it is to make baked goods healthy (and with added protein).

2. Favourite muffin filling is cream cheese!!! Or apples. Or apples AND cream cheese.

Pesto chicken pizza and blackberry reduction look seriously amazing. Feel free to come make me food anytime :P That strawberry candle is the cutest thing ever! Aaaand I could never, ever tire of whiskey. I’ve given up most booze, but nothing warms my heart like a whiskey and water with a squeeze of lemon. Mmmmm….

Good luck at the doc!!!

Coco Knudson June 22, 2009 at 3:51 pm

Your baked goods look so yummy, and that pizzaa woooh! What is that pesto recipe? I’m obsessed with pesto!

ksgoodeats June 22, 2009 at 4:09 pm

Are those white cutting boards from Ikea? If so, we’re twins! Can’t beat veggies/hummus – overload?! What’s that?!

LOVE the Quaker bowl! Have you seen the Quaker commercial with the creepy Quaker guy? Kind of sketch.

Awww all of the pupperbeans!! I want to cuddle them all! So I’ve never had bread pudding and I think you should send me a slice of that ;) It looks delicious! You outdid yourself with all of the cooking and baking – YUM!!

I am most definitely a baker! A pinch of that means nothing to me! I need .25 teaspoon and 1/2 cup!

Anne K. June 22, 2009 at 8:49 pm

Wow, this is a monster post! All your eats look so delicious. I’m lovin’ those vegan pb cups. And paired with dcd? Major yum!

Sabra hummus is the best hummus eva! And I love that flaming chocolate covered strawberry. Too cute!

Haha the motorcycle dog is awesome. I love the sunglasses/goggles! Those muffins look amazing, too.

1) I like cooking more–I still freak out a bit regarding baking, cause of the exact measurements thing.

2) I love chocolate chips, or carob chips in muffins. Yum!

broccolihut June 22, 2009 at 10:44 pm

Those peanut butter cups=major food porn!

1. I much prefer to cook rather than bake because I am a very “spontaneous” cook–baking requires too much planning…and chemistry.
2. Favorite muffin filling…probably bananas or walnuts.

snackface June 22, 2009 at 11:01 pm

I was MIA too! We be busy! Um, your posts are never, ever boring, just so ya know. I was losin’ it over all the amazing food. What the hell–blackberry reduction sauce? Bread pudding? Cupcakies? Who is this amazing chef? You got skillz, girrrl. And THANK YOU for the puppy pictures. I love them so much!

Questions? I got answers. I think. 1) Ooooh I like both! But I actually like how exact baking is. It’s a perfect formula that I can follow. Of course, I only choose easy recipes. And with cooking, I find that I just “assemble” my meals anyway. I can kill a recipe though. 2) Banana Nut. Always have been my fave, always will be.

Erin June 23, 2009 at 9:18 am

Hmmm…a filling muffin. I don’t have 1 but would love some ideas. I’m thinking oats and blueberries would be good.

Look how cute your mom and dad are! And holla! That bread pudding looks phenom. Totally phenom.

Kailey June 23, 2009 at 10:55 am

chicken pesto pizza!!?? YUMMM
my favorite muffin filling is…peanut butter :D my aunt makes amazing pb muffins for me for my birthday every year!

emily (the experimentarian) June 23, 2009 at 12:25 pm

Did you love Stella? We live RIGHT near there, but haven’t tried it yet–dying to though! Seriously, we have a lot in common and bread pudding is my fave. Rock on!

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