i got hooked UP!

by Janetha on June 5, 2009

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afternoon gals! [and guys? meh.. doubt it] i am sure we are all equally stoked at the fact that it is friday.. well maybe not susan, but the rest of you are probably with me with the sigh of relief that comes at the end of the week!

sooo.. as far as my title goes.. i got an ULTRA AMAZING BIRTHDAY PACKAGE FROM DANICA!

uhm.. how adorable is this? and how sweet, thoughtful, kind and fabulous?! danica is the bees knees! she knows i have a (not so) secret obsession with TJ’s and am seriously struggling with a lack there of here in utah.. so she threw together the most fantastic TJ’s package! i had told her the items i liked, but that mostly i really loved trying new things that i had never had the chance to try.

let’s take a closer look…

first up was the cute card, she knows i am a sucker for the pooches!

and then it was time to dig into the goods!

these are some mixed nuts that taste like a PB & J! *wow* i hadn’t tried the other stuff yet but i knew this was my FAVORITE thing in the whole box. seriously, soo good. for reals. TJ shoppers – must buy. they are vegan i think too, i read the label.. i will have to let my homeboys try them out!

next up was some wasabi trail mix and i loove spicy stuff so this was a treat! the odd part was it included cranberries which i never expected would be good wasabi-fied.. but sure enough i liked them! but i do have to say i like the local wasabi fried peas better, i think i will throw my peas into the mix because i like the cranberries+nuts in the TJs pack!

then we (my roomies and i) broke into the peanut butter filled pretzels.. how did danica know i hate salt?! haha maybe she didn’t, but the fact that these had no salt on the pretzel made me extra excited because i am always picking the salt off of my pretzels! these came in as a close second fave.

next i sampled these little good for you chocolate chip cookies they have some healthified ingredients in them! i liked them, and i think they would be even better with a little almond milk! it would be hard to keep the servings to a minimum though, they just pop right in my mouth so easy..

so i put those bad boys away and tried another item.. raspberry fruit leather! marshall stole most of it from me but i was able to have a few bites and loved it! i can’t wait to try the other kinds. i am going to throw them in my car for on-the-go snackage!

i also got some cute alphabet pasta, bbq pop chips, spicy chai mix (i LOVE chai!), red pepper spread (featured in my lunch below!), and pineapple salsa!

i was so stoked that i had only tried ONE of these items out of all of them! (the salsa, which i really really like a lot but i’m out of!). thank you SO MUCH DANICA! such a great birthday surprise!! xoxo

after all that sampling i decided i better get my butt in gear and do some shred.. i was also planning on going to the gym for a weight session but marshall had showed up at my place without warning! there went my plans for the gym and making an extravagant dinner! if it was just any other night i would have stuck with my plans, but the boyfriend leaves today for anaheim so he wanted to take me on a date. *awe* he’s cute.

i was hungry but we had to catch a movie so i quickly made a protein shake with chocolate protein powder, soy milk (gotta use up the last of it and then i am trying to cut out the soy as per hangry heather’s challenge), 1/2 a frozen banana, some ice and a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa pow!

then we were off to see “up”! i hadn’t seen previews for this movie because i dont watch tv (unless it is the food network..duh). turned out that when we got to the theater the movie we were there for wasn’t the 3d version, and psh, who doesnt wanna hang with the 3d?! so we got tickets to the later show and had some time to kill.

we journeyed up the road to a coffee shop/crepery called the greenhouse effect. they have really REALLY good sweet and savory crepes. it reminds me of the creperies i’d frequent when living in london. although nothing compares to those ones.. there was just something about those british bakers that made the crepes outstanding! but yeah, this spot is a close second.

i ordered a coffee but then someone held a gun to my head and i had to order a pizza crepe! woops! haha, no shame.

i ate the smaller half of the gooey goodness that is the pizza crepe.

and had this coffee.

and then i had to photograph marshall’s strawberries & cream crepe that he ate so fast i couldn’t get a bite i resisted sampling. i bet it was good!

then we threw on our 3d spectacles and checked out the flick. cute times twenty two. seriously. i can recommend it to the young and the old!

no more food entered my mouth until ten AM today, i was too busy this morning to get a proper early bfast in. bummer. BUT when i did find time to eat, i was happy. i chose a good balance of protein, carbs & healthy fat :)

1/2 double fiber EM + PB & 1 egg+1 white+morningstar sausage patty scramble! and coffee.

still trying to work out the settings on my camera to work with my flooourescent office lighting. i’ll get there.

so when you guys eat a savory and sweet component for bfast, do you alternate between the two or eat all the savory then the sweet? i did the latter. the peanut buttery melty muffin was like my first dessert of the day!


work work work, yadda yadda yadda. lunch!

i hooked up a pizza wrap for lunch with my new red pepper spread! i am pretty sure this is the red goodness k uses for her kiss sandwich, no?

this bomb dot com-ness included the spread, a flatout, some turkey peperoonios, green peppers and mushrooms. that is my favorite pizza combo, by the way. pepperoni, green pepper & mushrooms. i could eat it all day.. hot, cold, morning, night. love it.

oh, i heated the wrap in the microwave before putting it on the plate. it was i piping hot bundle of deliciousness. i LOVED the red pepper spread!! yummmm.

i had to get my veggies in as well, so i went with some cauliflower, carrots & cukes with a big ol’ glob of hummus, of course.

i was sad when lunch was gone.

i washed it all down with the h2o. the only thing i drink aside from water is coffee and an occasional unsweetened iced tea if i am out to eat. i hate drinking calories, i LOVE water..it is honestly my favorite drink.. and i just don’t care to drink soda or juice or anything else really. this is an added bonus because water is zeros across the board. i always wondered why they put nutrition labels on the bottled water…hmm. do you guys drink a lot of calories through out the day or mainly stick with water?

sidenote: a customer just called to schedule with me and i had to give them my name to call me back. i said it SEVEN TIMES and then they asked me to spell it. so i spelled it. and then i spelled it again. and then i spelled it a third time, v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-l-y and he’s like.. “what was the first letter again?”.. me: “J”. to which he waits a few seconds before muttering out.. “ja-neh-tha??”. no sir, like i said the seven times before…“JA-NEEEE-THA”. sigh. is it that hard? really? is it??

in other news!!~~~

  • the lovely danica is having a giveaway! for some crunchy chip goodness :D
  • today is national gingerbread day as well as national doughnut day! pick your poison carefully.
  • i know this is probably the oldest news ever, but it is new to me.. i stumbled upon nate’s blog stalking blog about bloggin. um, gold mine.
  • and finally, tomorrow is national applesauce cake day! all you vegans out there bust out your aprons and your kitchenaids.. because replacing eggs with applesauce in cake recipes is basically the cleverest vegan swap around!

alright that is enough out of me! i am going to go do some reconciliations in quickbooks (be jealous, be oh so jealous) and then hit the gym and weigh in my options for tonight’s fun! hope you all have a fab friday night!

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Leah June 5, 2009 at 4:04 pm

What an awesome package that you got for your birthday!! Lucky girl!

If I had your breakfast I would have saved the pb english muffin until last! Ever hear “save the best for last” ?? I love that saying.. I just always hope I don’t get full first hah!

I drink a lot of water throughout the day, but I also have a lot of herbal tea and once in a while a coffee (no sugar, with soy milk).

Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

ksgoodeats June 5, 2009 at 4:15 pm

HOLY COW!! You did get hooked up! The PB Pretzels are laced with Mary Jane – at least that’s my opinion, they’re goooooooood ;) I almost got that PBJ nut mix when I was there last week but I passed because of my snack food challenge. They need to be in my belly now!

Yes, indeedy it is the dip I use in my KISS sandwiches and pizza wrap (which I’m currently eating as I type)! Glad you like it!! It’s so addicting once you get past the fluorescent color! That wrap is looking mighty fine as is the hummus!

Only H2O and coffee pass these lips, Ya-netha :D

Danica June 5, 2009 at 4:26 pm

Yeah!!!! It finally arrived – I am soo glad you got it and LOVED it all. I didn’t know you hate salt, but, I picked everything that I would buy for myself (minus the wasabi thing ~ bleh! but I knew you loved it). You are so nice to share……I realized after I bought everything I didn’t buy anything on your list – whoops!

I LOVED your breakfast but your lunch even more!!!! Amazing! I must try that combo (post BBC) though *sigh*

Have a great weekend girlie! Enjoy all your goodies and Happy Birthday all over again :D

Run Sarah June 5, 2009 at 4:27 pm

Wow, awesome package from Danica! I love wasabi-everything…soooo good! I have wasabi soybeans & peas in my cupboard right now. I mainly drink water & coffee…coffee for the caffeine and water because I am always thirsty!

jenngirl June 5, 2009 at 4:57 pm

NICE package!! (that’s what she said!) haha…

I only drink coffee, hot green tea, water, and the occasional diet soda or diet green tea throughout the day…but SOME nights there will be some major wine or vodka consumption. But I mix my vodka with plain water so it’s all gooood right?

Mom June 5, 2009 at 6:31 pm

You are such a lucky lady! Danica totally hooked you up with all of the perfect treats from Joe Trader’s! How have we missed all of those delightful items?! Love the photos, they are SO SO sharp!! Sure wish you were around to cook for me, my menu is so boring….. Have a super week end, love you to the moon! xoxo

Kristin June 5, 2009 at 7:00 pm

ahh i love TJ’s!!!

Anne K. June 5, 2009 at 7:47 pm

Awesome goodies! Danica rocks :D

Love the pizza wrap! That looks all kinds of delicious.

I def. don’t drink my calories. I stick with water, sparkling water, coffee (with a lil soy creamer and stevia), and sometimes stevia sweetened beverages for a treat.

Have a rockin weekend!

Megan June 5, 2009 at 9:00 pm

LOVE your birthday package!! Those PB pretzels are filled with crack theyre so addictive.. I love them!! And I always eat my less sweet thing first.. I save the “sweets” for last (aka anything with PB on it :) ) Have a fantasticccc weekend!

Julie June 5, 2009 at 9:56 pm

you most certainly did get hooked up!!

Susan June 6, 2009 at 3:09 am

Haha, I love how I read that opening paragraph while at work at 6am on a Saturday. Whatevs, Fridays are still awesome in my books. I get to embrace my inner old lady and hit the hay at 8:30pm :P

I’ve had all sorts of crepes before…but never a pizza crepe!! That sounds delish!! I wonder how much of a disaster it would be if I attempted that myself…

And when I eat, I usually mix everything up, even the sweet and savoury. You should see my mom eat, she mixes everything on her plate together, even things like salad and mashed potatoes!! Yuck!

Have a great Saturday with all your b-day goodies!!! :D

coco June 6, 2009 at 4:05 am

happy birthday!!! such a great package with so many goodies!!! :D MOst of items from Tj’s are new to me too…. I’ll look for them during my next trip to Tj’s.
have a wonderful weekend!!! (and I’m totally with you about the weekend excitemente!!!)

Sarah W. June 6, 2009 at 10:20 am

wow Danica is such a sweetheart!!! I love and have access to TJ’s all the time :) i keep seeing those pb&j nuts, might have to pick those up next time i’m there!

hubby loves the chocolatey filled cereal bites.

snackface June 6, 2009 at 12:49 pm

Okay, I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time, but I’ve been afraid you’d kick my ass. I have an enormous crush on your man. He’s so damn cute.

Also, I don’t know whether I commented on your huge b-day post, but Happy frickin’ belated Bday!!! That package is the perfect gift! Seriously, just give me an edible gift and I’m stoked. (Stoked? Apparently I’m a surfer now–damn being in Cali)

So, I kept reading “crepery” as CREEP-ery. I was like, what the hell? Where the hell is Juh-neeee-thuh?

Sorry for this spastic comment, but that’s how this brain works, yo. Haha. Have a fabulous weekend, chickyboo!

Sarey June 6, 2009 at 2:49 pm

Happy late birthday Janetha! That’s some amazing looking loot and I’m totally jealous of that red pepper spread! The closest thing I have resembling a Trader Joes or a Whole Foods is the health section of Kroger!!

How are you liking your camera? I think that’s gonna be my next birthday request from someone….either the hubs or my mam.

As for the liquid consumption, I usually stick to water….except for my mega coffee addiction!

burpexcuzme June 6, 2009 at 6:05 pm

happy belated birthday!
oh my, you’re quite a happy b-day girl with that AMAZING package…I’m a very very nutty girl, so all those different nut blends really appeal to me! enjoy each and every one of them…I live vicariously through your taste buds, lol!
hm…for liquids, I mainly drink tea, coffee, and diet soda. I know…I am SO bad…

broccolihut June 8, 2009 at 10:57 pm

Man, Danica DID hook you up! I am totally jonesin for some PB pretzels now!

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