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*FIRST* item of business.. i want to thank ALL of you for your awesome, sweet, caring and fabulous comments on my last post. i think it is so touching that so many of you reached out and had such nice things to say to me, when i have only had this blog for less than two months.. i just am so moved by your friendship and i really appreciate every last one of you! seriously each comment left put a smile on my face! xoxo*

i also loved reading how you guys cheer yourselves up!  some things you mentioned were running, shopping and pets! all very good pick me ups!

also, i am doing better today, i wrote a novel of an email to the boy.. sometimes putting it down in writing helps me say exactly what im thinking, and i think it will help him comprehend it more rather than me rattling off a bunch of thoughts all at once. soo i hope things work out. i am pretty partial to him :) plus penelope won’t eat when randy isn’t around (randy is the boy’s dog, penelope is mine)..

so, enough mushy stuff, right? sorry :P

i ate some quinoa today. the first time i ever knew about quinoa was when i read about it in my oxygen magazine. (speaking of which.. i am about due for another issue.. yes!) anyway, i never had to say the name of this food out loud. but you know how you say things in your head when you read them? so i pronounced quinoa as “kwi-no-ah”.. just like it is spelled.

joke’s on janetha.. eventually i found out from my mom that you pronounce it “keen-wah”.. ok, how was i to know?! one time on the phone she asked me if i had ever tried quinoa.. and i was like no i have never heard of that! and then she spelled it for me.. and i said “oh, kwi-no-ah? i love that stuff!”.. yeah, so i was way off. no shame :) but as i ordered my quinoa salad at WF’s today i was thanking my mom for letting me know how to say it.

then i got to thinking.. with most of our friendships in food blog land being purely based on reading.. i am sure there are a lot of words out there that we are pronouncing wrong in our head! the word that sticks out the most to me is my name. i would say that 90% of people who read my name pronounce it wrong. after 26 years with a name like janetha, correcting people can get old. there is also the other side of it.. not the reading side but the part where i have to tell people my name and they look at me like i have 3 heads. then i have to repeat it seven and a half times and then proceed to spell it. grade school was pure hell and working in an office on the phone all day is not very awesome either. i can’t decide if i hate spelling it more or telling people how to pronounce it more. when i order food and they take a name.. i am usually ashley or lindsay or something simple.

so i was wondering how do YOU all say my name in your head? just curious.


breakfast this morning was a little rushed, i usually eat bfast at work but i knew i had a meeting downtown first thing this morning so i had to eat at home.

i was missing my parfait ala k this morning so i whipped one up!

i used a new flavor of vitatop!  it was appleberry and it was delicious!!!

reconfirming i like the branny style vitas over the chocolatey ones.  i also added some agave to the parfait and smashed it all up before devouring.

after a 3 hour long session at my company’s accounting firm.. i was st-arv-ing. guess what i was by? whole foods!!

sooo i changed it up a bit for the regular salad bar thang.. i went for some quinoa & black bean salad, chili salmon and veggies + hummus.

WFs doesnt have sabra.. and so i tried a new brand of hummus!

i think i may have a new favorite! have you guys tried this brand?? super creamy and flavorful! i was impressed.

the salmon was really good too.. a tad on the pricey side ($21 a lb) my piece was 8 $$ and i split it into two so i can eat it tomorrow too.

really good lunch!

after work i decided i needed a little janetha time and so i did what any normal girl would do. i went to the gym, to the tanning bed and got a pedicure.. ahhh.. life is good again :) for now, at least.

so today was actually the first time i’ve done any cardio since my tonsillectomy.  my throat still hurts–yes, ugh, i know..dr appt tomorrow!–but i had to just run. so i did 2 miles of HIIT and it felt so amazing!  but i have for sure definitely lost some endurance. bummer.

after my pampering sesh i came home and whipped up dinner:

southwest style chicken salad..

this included:

  • 7 lettuce blend
  • spinach
  • 1/2 cup black beans
  • 4 oz shredded chicken (cooked in spicy spice spiceness)
  • corn salsa
  • peach salsa
  • habanero salsa

triple salsa action shot!

i threw some cottage cheese on there and mixed it up into a hot mess. and it was HOT. supa spicy, just like jess likes it.

as i am typing this i realized i have some jicama in the fridge! crap. P.S. i totally thought jicama was pronounced “ji-came-a”hot “hick-a-ma” for awhile there. ha! oh yeah! k asked me what jicama tastes like.. while it has the consistency of a water chestnut, i think my sister explained it best by saying it tastes like a sugar snap pea. it is a little sweet and very crunchy. i love it!!

anyway, now i am quickly typing this bad boy up before going out tonight! it is my friend angela’s 24th today and we are going to a new bar called club edge.. i found out my reallllly good friend from high school is DJing there tonight AND my close exboyfriend from high school is a bartender there! so it should be a grand old time.

in other news!!~~

well i have to hit the shower and get ready for tonight.. hooray for tomorrow being FRIDAY.. short work weeks seem to last longer than regular ones for some reason!


1. do you have any words you pronounced wrong in your head and then realized you were waaaay off?

2. do you have a name you have struggled with explaining your whole life.. either spelling or pronunciation?

later skaters!

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AnAppleADay May 28, 2009 at 9:37 pm

thanks for linking back!

coco May 29, 2009 at 4:07 am

I love your lunch!!!! so pretty and so many my favorite food!
I’m not native english speaker so pronouncing/spelling wrong is so common for me. at the beginning i’d be ashamed but now I’m used to it and people are really nice in general and they just try to understand me! :)
have a nice day~

Em May 29, 2009 at 5:23 am

Ok, so when I say your name in my head I say “JA-NEE-THA”, is that not right?! haha. How do you say it!! My name, of course is just plain and simple. I always wished that I had a cool name though. My middle name is DRU and I have tried going by that a couple times in my life, but it just doesn’t stick!

I am glad that you got everything out that you wanted to say to the BF. Boyfriend problems are always hard, but I am sure that you two will get through and work everything out.

I hope you had fun with your friends, it sounds like a blast! I just love when friends DJ, you get to hear all the good songs ;)

Anne K. May 29, 2009 at 5:35 am

Your lunch looks delicious! And haha, I love your quinoa story.
I’m sure I pronounce a TON of things wrong in my head… let me try to think of examples. Well, I definitely read jicama “gee-comma.”

OH I just remembered. We would always get those sugar-free jello dulce de leche puddings. I would always say them “dole-sh deh leshh” instead of dole-chay de lay-chay” haha. My mom and sister would always make fun of me, haha! I always have to think about it if I’m gonna say it!

I say your name Jah-NEE-tha. Is that wrong?

Susan May 29, 2009 at 6:04 am

Uh-oh, now I’m scared in case I pronounce your name wrong in my head! I always think ja-NEE-tha. Although, my second guess would JAN-uh-tha. Pronouncing things wrong is the story of my life. Serously, working in radio gives me plenty of opportunity to flub up… publicly.

I also just learned that quinoa was pronounced keen-wa and not kwin-oh-a. Also, totally though jicama was yi-CAH-mah. Other ones I struggle with are arugula and focaccia. I usually just mumble them in hopes no one can tell :P

Glad to hear you got a little “Janetha time” in. And HIIT’s gotta feel good! :)

Susan May 29, 2009 at 6:06 am

PS, my last name is German and has a 1:4 vowel-consonant ratio. I don’t even bother saying it when people ask me, I just automatically start spelling it (usually have to do it more than once). Luckily, my mother realized this and gave me a simple first name :)

Sarah W. May 29, 2009 at 6:28 am

I LOVE Jicama – I don’t buy it nearly enough but because of you its going on my grocery list this week!

cocoeatsandcritiques May 29, 2009 at 6:38 am

salad looks amazing!! I always add cottage cheese on top of my salads, extra protein and goodness. I’ve never tried a vitatop before!!!! I gotta be on the lookout for those! I always say quinoa wrong. I used to say “keenawah” but I guess its keeen-wah. I have trouble with tons of words.

Michelle May 29, 2009 at 10:03 am

Haha, yeah I’d pronounce your name ja-NEE-tha, just like the others! Which, unless we’re all in that 10% that pronounces it right..I’m guessing we’re wrong LOL!

Do tell!

Glad you like that Vitatop flavor, looks yummy!!
Oh and, it’s always good to get things down on paper :)

ksgoodeats May 29, 2009 at 10:35 am

Letters are always good! Especially if you’re like me and can’t keep your composure sometimes ;)

You know what (I hope you don’t think this is weird) I was actually thinking about how you say your name today. I figured ja-NEE-tha but you could be all European and pronounce it ya-NEE-tha? I feel your pain on correcting people though, my last name is a doozey!

LOVE the parfait!! The bran does reign supreme but I wasn’t a fan of that flavor. Sugar snap pea? I like those so I’m going to have to try these jicama thangs ;)

Julie May 29, 2009 at 2:14 pm

1. I love K Parfaits
2. I love peach salsa
3. I LOVE jicama :)

I pronounce your name jane tha like the way its spelled haha

snackface May 29, 2009 at 2:46 pm

Janetha, I am so sorry I missed the last post! I just wanted to say that it really spoke to me, too. I havent’ cried as much as I have these past couple months as I have my whole life. And most of it dealt with issues with my boyfriend. He’s a grad student who will be off somewhere else when I return to school in three months. AKA it’s kinda, um (whoah, stopping the tears) over now that I’m leaving tomorrow. However, you and your man will work things out. Things will take their course, whatever they may be. I have ultimate faith in things happening for a reason, especially when it comes to relationship woes. Maybe that makes me too naive, but I don’t care. It’s just what I have to tell myself.

I hope you have an AWESOME friday night!

Danica May 29, 2009 at 3:48 pm

I had that Appleberry Vita Today – soooo good! LOVE that Chili Salmon at WF – can you believe I said that? Seriously….But, it is ONE way I’ll eat it cooked.

Yeah for Taco salad….I had that this week x’s 2 as well.

You sound so much more chipper – glad to hear that.

Have a fantastic Friday!

peacelovepb May 29, 2009 at 4:43 pm

Holy moly !!
all of your eats look fabulous!! Love that vita muffin top<3
and all of your broccoli makes me so hungry! haha im a weird kid though.

mom May 29, 2009 at 6:49 pm

Yes wah-knee-tha you do sound so much better today! love the chipper comment, you have some terrific friends here in food blog land! I am trying to throw them off on the pronunciation of your bee-u-tee-ful name! alas yes your sweet parents are the cause of your name issues, and I am so very sorry for causing you such a mess while growing up……you know how much I love you! I love to follow your life here on the blog! Hugs and kisses to my birthday girl!! xoxoxo

Hangry Pants June 8, 2009 at 3:13 pm

I said JAN eetha, but now I know!

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