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by Janetha on May 19, 2009

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yes you know what that means! TIME FOR A MOVES POST!

i worked out yesterday. yayer! maybe against doc’s orders.. not supposed to really work out for about 3 weeks, it has been 2 as of today.  my throat is still really bothering me and it sucks a whole bunch, but i am restless and losing muscle and dying for a workout.

so while i can’t do cardio, that is out of the question, i decided i could try to do a moderate version of a body-for-life lower body workout.  i took it easy on the weights and made sure i didn’t get too out of breath because then i would have choked and maybe died from asphyxiation..  but i still pushed myself enough to make it count and by the time i was done i really was having a hard time breathing due to my throat pain, so while i don’t think i over did it.. i do think i pushed myself to my limit for the circumstances at hand.

my workout:


barbell stiff legged deadlift alternating with standing side weighted crunches (no rests)

  • 12 reps @ 25#
  • 50 side crunches (25 each side) with 25# plate
  • 10 reps @ 30#
  • 50 side crunches (25 each side) with 25# plate
  • 8 reps @ 40#
  • 50 side crunches (25 each side) with 25# plate
  • 6 reps @ 50#
  • 50 side crunches (25 each side) with 25# plate
  • 12 reps @ 30#
  • no rest

stability ball hamstring curls:

  • 12 reps


single leg bulgarian split squats alternating with stability ball crunches (no rests)

  • 12 reps each leg w/ an 8# dumbbell in each hand
  • 25 ball crunches
  • 10 reps each leg w/ a 10# dumbbell in each hand
  • 25 ball crunches
  • 8 reps each leg w/ a 12# dumbbell in each hand
  • 25 ball crunches
  • 6 reps each leg w/ a 15# dumbbell in each hand
  • 25 ball crunches
  • 12 reps each leg w/ a 8# dumbbell in each hand
  • no rest

stability ball squats against wall:

  • 12 reps
  • 12 second hold


standing weighted calf raises:

  • 12 reps @ 20#
  • 10 second rest
  • 10 reps @ 40#
  • 10 second rest
  • 8 reps @ 60#
  • 10 second rest
  • 6 reps @ 80#
  • 10 second rest
  • 12 reps @ 20#

whew. so yeah this workout seems wimpy and short but i am seriously feeling the DOMS today! (delayed onset muscle soreness) i can feel it in my hams, front of my quads, obliques and BUTT! yesss. not so much in my abs or calves. i didn’t push my abs very hard at all and the calves are hard for me to get sore. but seriously those bulgarian split squats make my butt hurt so good.

i am really stoked i was finally able to workout again. i can’t wait until i can get my cardio in, i miss HIIT like CRAZY.  i am going to take today off because i am having serious issues with my throat pain, although i haven’t taken pain meds since saturday. which rocks my face off.. because being dependent on liquid lortab is not my idea of a good time.

tomorrow i am going to go for an upper body workout :D  and maybe some moderate super light cardio if it doesnt kill me…

oh yeah, and my eats are back to body-for-life style today! but i have no time for that.. so i will be back tonight with all the foooooooooooodness!


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Anne K. May 19, 2009 at 8:06 pm

Glad to hear the workout went well! Make sure you’re really careful, though. I don’t want you to get hurt! <3
Have a great night :)

Danica May 19, 2009 at 9:17 pm

Woohoo – rockin’ workout! Seriously, your “easy” workout STILL looks like a tough workout – WTG! :)

Stef May 19, 2009 at 10:37 pm

Is it wrong that I love DOMS? Sort of masochistic of me right? But hey, nothing beats a great workout! I’m glad you got to move your little body again, but make sure to take care of yourself! Thanks for answering my question about people in “real life” knowing about your blog..that is so interesting! I didn’t realize how open you were about it, I really admire that! But I agree, some people (especially boys) just WOULDN’T understand and it’d be a waste of breath trying to explain ;)

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