all’s well that ends well.

by Janetha on May 8, 2009

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so after a ridiculously sour start to my day, a crappy afternoon, and a pretty negative thursday for the most part.. things started looking up around 5 o’clock.  and actually, today turned out to be a super good day!

i will pick up where my debbie downer drawers left off.. which was somewhere between a lidocaine lollipop and sugarfree popsicle.. i am sure of it.

i needed some food in my life, but didn’t know what. nothing sounded good, so i went to the pantry and came out with some amy’s lentil soup and paired it with a slice of wheat bread.

meh, it was pretty ok i guess. not very flavorful, and the lentils were too mushy.  that is what i get for going with canned soup though. i shoulda made some lentil soup from scratch, but i really didn’t have the motivation. i was having a baaaad day.

i have mentioned this before, but when i am bored and have no means of entertainment what-so-ever.. i like to organize and i like to bake.  well, i chose to clean out my mom’s fridge.. because it was seriously needing some TLC.


you could not have fit one more single thing into the fridge if you wanted to. all shelves were stuffed to the very edge. and i kid you not, i found a container of unopened roasted red pepper hummus that expired back in february.  my mom.. she is one of a kind (love you mom.. and i will clean out your fridge any day of the week).  she is just so turbo busy with work that she doesn’t have time for such things. so since she is taking such good care of me.. it is the least i could do.


i did the dishes too :)

then i was wanting something that tasted good.. so i mixed this greek yogurt concoction up:

  • 6 oz voskos fat free plain
  • scoop of unsweetened applesauce
  • squirt of agave
  • sprinkle of fiber sure.. i mean with all these narcotics going through me i gotta have more fiber!
  • & last but not least, a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on with the cinnamon

actually tasted pretty fabulous, and soothed my achey throat, which was the whole point of the mixing mission. i wasn’t really hungry, it just feels better to swallow creamy goodness rather than swallowing rusty razors my own saliva.

i washed it down with a soy latte but to my surprise, when i got ice out of the ice maker dispenser thingy on the freezer.. a piece of glass came out with my ice.

i guess someone had left a bottle in there once upon a time and it had shattered? that is the conclusion i came to at least.

so that started to make me smile a bit, the coffee and the greek yogurt; not the glass. i mean i still was not stoked on the day.. but at least i found a decent treat to eat.  enter: boyfriend.  oh hello marshall, what is that you brought me?

my two requests: turkey burger & annie’s mac&cheese

love it when he comes through for me.  so i wasn’t quite sure what i was going to make, but i knew i wanted mac&cheese because it is soft and mushy and easy for a tonsillectomy victim to swallow. i know this because i am one, first hand experience here people.

the turkey burger came into play when i realized i had to have some protein in my life.  and not greek yogurt protein, not whey powder protein, not egg protein.. i wanted some meat.  i didn’t care what. beef, chicken, turkey, hmmm not so much pork though..i am not a big pork lover. but yeah, what can i say, i like meat. i could never be a vegetarian.. although i was one for two years as a teenager, but now.. looking back.. i wasn’t one of those healthy vegetarians.. i was one of those vegetarians who just got sick of eating meat one day and ate grilled cheese&tomato soup for 24 days in a row. not lying.

anyway! strayed off track there for a minute, let’s get back to my dinner.  so i threw the turkey burger in a pan and browned it, not quite sure what to season it with.  then i remembered! *insert light bulb here* i had some of danica’s pesto leftover from the other day!  when the turkey burger was almost done i coated it with the pesto and that was it. simple, easy, seasoned and delicious in one swift scoop & stir.

i made the mac&cheese according to the regular directions. usually when i have mac&cheese it is kraft, and i haven’t had that in probably over two years.. the only other time i eat mac&cheese is at noodles&co. (with lots of cock sauce on it!). but once again danica came to my dinner rescue and planted the idea of annie’s mac&cheese in my head (because of her super sweet giveaway) so that is what i had marshall pick up, instead of the kraft.  so the box said you could either mix the cheese with a quarter cup of milk or for a tangy version use some yogurt. i decided to keep it simple and do the regular milk version. the noodles were the raddest part, little arthur heads.. haha.. although they did take a little longer to cook than your standard elbow, just a heads up.

i stirred the cheese in and i was kind of thinking i should have gone for the yogurt version, because i am not gonna lie it was a little watery-ish.  but then i realized that would probably be the case because whenever i made kraft mac&cheese and it called for a quarter cup of milk, i always used a tiny splash of it instead of what it called for. mental note for next time.. use the yogurt or just a liiittle bit of leche.  anyway this whole dinner explanation is getting waaay too tech, on with it already, right?

SO you probably guessed what came next, i threw the mac in with the turkey pesto burger goodness, and to thicken it all up there was a laughing cow light wedge to the rescue.

once i stirred it all up it became the creamy wonderful goodness that turned thursday from being a crappy day where i was starving and in pain to a savory explosion in my mouth and i actually was able to eat and get full for once!

i actually wished i could give danica a hug right about then, it was just that good! i even said to marshall.. “wow, this is so good, this is like the best food i have been able to eat since monday night!”

so thanks for inspiring my dinner, danica, you are the bomb dot com.

the day only got better from there.. marshall had swung by my casa to get some things he needed and while he was there he swooped up a package that was there for me.  i totally spaced that i had anything on order, what could it have been?

oh yeah, i ordered some stuff from victoria’s secret!  you know how you get those $10 gift cards every once in awhile for using your credit card and racking up what they call angels points or something else heavenly sounding?  well of course that is used to sucker you into buying even more crap, because you aren’t going to just spend ten bones.. and so i ordered my favorite sweats which were like, 35 dollars, and then of course i had to spend another fifteen because if you spend fifty bucks you get free shipping.. and let’s look at our options people: spend $35 and pay $10 shipping or spend $50 and get more stuff and free shipping.  it is a no brainer, those people in marketing sure were onto something there, weren’t they?  anyway.. come to find out the sweats i wanted in the first place are on back order but the other item i bought came.. click here to check it out. i shoulda got an XS, but i had ordered a small because i guess i was feeling like a fat kid the day i ordered it.. anyway, it is still super cute and it made my day even better :)

then something else happened, brace yourselves, i left the house! holler! first time since the surgery. i showered and put on real clothes and everything.  shocking, i know.  it took me awhile to take all my medicine and grab my popsicles and suckers and water bottle and a bunch of other very important unnecessary crap.  but once i was in the car i had another 30 calorie throat soother:

getting sick of these little dudes. i hate that flavor that splenda leaves in your mouth. it’s nasty. but seriously.. thirty calories each and i eat like five a day.. or more.. i can’t say no.

marsh and i were going to go to the movies, so we cruised up to his house to drop the penny bean off (he has a fenced yard, my mom does not, and if you leave penny in the house all alone she gets intense amounts of separation anxiety and shreds every piece of paper within gnawing distance into tiny little bits that resemble confetti… if you need some for your next party let me know and i will have her hook you up) and then we realized we would much rather have a date at his house and watch the office because it is our favorite and it is free and it also scored me a point for the simple life challenge so yep, that made my day even better. i love that show.

and then i decided it was a good time for ice cream.  i mean, it is always a good time for ice cream in my book.. but this is when i decided to have some.  i dubbed it apple pie ala mode soupy sensation. not really, i just now made that up.

it was:

  • 1/2 cup low fat vanilla bean
  • 1 container unsweetened applesauce
  • plethora of cinnamon, enough to make you sneeze from the dusty cinnamon cloud it created

stir & eat. fanfreakingtastic i tell you!

then i felt like doing something, anything really.  i didn’t have any brilliant plans and neither did marshall, so i suggested something that i always love: target trip!!!

i am one of those weird chicks you see walking up and down the aisles at target, not really on a mission to buy anything specifically, but walking up and down every single aisle in every single department just waiting for a slew of products to jump into my basket and scream “hey janetha, buy me!”.  unfortunately it was already 9:15 so we only had 45 minutes to wander, but that was long enough to get some quality aisle strolling in.

side note.. do you ever find yourself at target wearing a red shirt and khaki pants?  i see people wearing this combo all the time at target but they don’t actually work there, they are shopping, but the thing is if you show up to target in red and khaki, chances are you will probably get asked where the cotton balls are located or what time the store closes.  i never make this mistake, because my very first job was at target.  it lasted 3 months before i got hired on at the local skateboard shop. i will never wear red and khaki together again. watch yourself. end side note.

wanna know what i got? well either way, you know i am going to tell you…

  • hummus trio *stoked! i have never seen a hummus quartet or trio anywhere but TJ’s.. and i don’t have a TJ’s here. so this made me happy. it is plain, roasted red pepper & roasted garlic. oh hummus, i love you.
  • cinnamon peanut butter *so i went to target looking for some PB&Co, the good news is they carry it! the bad news is the only flavor they had it in at this store was cinnamon raisin and i despise raisins.. so i snagged this archer farms PB.. i can’t wait to check another target in hopes of finding some WCW or DCD! P.S. target has a buttload of nut butters. quite a selection. especially these archer farms brand ones.. there was a cranberry vanilla that looked pretty yum. anyone ever tried it?
  • flat out wraps.. because i was flat out of them. ha oh man, that was a good one janetha.
  • $8 boyfriend tee in white. i now have gray, olive, navy and white. i heart this particular shirt.
  • some bamboo placemats.. because you can never buy too much crap at the dollar spot
  • a book on green living for dummies.. because again.. the dollar spot gets me every time dude.

i went looking for some vitatops because their website store locator said target carried them, but i could only find the muffin mix.. i am going to check a few more places. i hope i can find them locally.  and i really wanted to buy some more frank’s red hot and some pita crisps.. but i then reminded myself that i cannot eat spicy, crunchy or sharp things right now so i didn’t.

anyway, enough about target. all i’m saying is it really made what was turning into a great day even better, i love shopping.. even if it is for dumb stuff like the list above.

so then marshall got some takeout from noodles&co. and i would have liked to get some noodles of my own, but that would have been minus 5 on the simple life challenge so i passed on that and we went back to his place where i watched him eat his food and i clipped coupons!  haha what a geek i am, whatever, it scored me a point for TSLC!

my throat was hurting again.. well it never really stops hurting, but the shots of lortab subdue the pain a bit.. and i looked at the clock and sure enough it had been four hours since my last dose.  i didn’t turn into a pumpkin or anything, but i was in pain so i decided i needed to go back to my mom’s where my meds were hanging out on the window sill. by this time marshall decided he did not want to drive me home, but luckily he has 2 vehicles so he gave me the keys to his truck.. well actually, he told me to grab my keys out of my purse and there was conveniently a key to his truck on my key ring, he is sneaky, and i asked him if he was sure he wanted me operating a beast of a truck in my condition.. he seemed okay with it so i rallied back up to my moms.. where i tried out my new purchase: cinnamon PB + half a banana..

not half bad! i couldn’t really enjoy it to the maxxx because my throat still struggles with sticky substances such as nut butters.. but the flavor was nice.  i threw some overnight oats in the fridge so i can enjoy some more of the cnnamon PB tomorrow for breakfast.

OH yes, one more thing to top off my bad day gone good. you may have seen it in the background of my target purchases.. the new oxygen magazine came today!

woohoo! this is my mom’s copy but that means mine is waitng for me at home!  i love love love this magazine. you should all read it if you don’t already! it is the best fitness&clean eating mag out there, hands down.

well i sure have rambled on a lot tonight haven’t i? if you made it this far, you deserve some type of prize, that is for sure.  except i have nothing to give.. maybe one day when more people actually read this measley little blog of mine i will do a fancy shmancy giveaway :) that would be fun. but my blog is so new and i doubt i have many people check it out.. hopefully i get a reader here and there though! i know i looove all the blogs i see of others. and everyone is so super nice, i am stoked to have stumbled upon this whole community of rad people.

ok ok enough is enough, i won’t even bore you with more news tonight because it is later than late, i will save all that for tomorrow.. but you can be sure it will include stuffs about giveaways, the simple life challenge, the new foods challenge & some money saving tips i stumbled upon!

oh and i leave you with this.. i found it in my mom’s pantry when i was putting my groceries away. isn’t it the tiniest, cutest salt shaker you’ve ever seen?! i am a sucker for miniature stuffs.

goooood night :)

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Susan May 8, 2009 at 5:12 am

Yay for eating real food!!! Your turkey-pesto mac n’ cheese creation sounds freakin delish. And I think I might actually like that apple sauce – ice cream combo!

PS Feel free to come organize my fridge anytime! I’m sure my roommie will leave some chicken surprises in the back for you ;)

Em May 8, 2009 at 7:04 am

I am totally the same way about Target. If I am bored and don’t have anything to do I will head to Target and wonder aimlessly around the aisles. Currently I am drooling over some pretty awesome bathing suits and a cute pair of workout shorts. I also have two of the boyfriend tees! haha.

You did WORK on that fridge girl, way to show em whose the boss. I think you may have inspired me to do that same. Now if only the roommate would throw away all that moldy fruit. ewwww.

Hope your having a great day hun!

Danica May 8, 2009 at 11:26 am

You absolutely just made my day!!! Thanks Janetha – you rock!

Ok where to start…..You can seriously come over to my house if you need more things to do – you know, organize the fridge, clean, bake, whatever :) LOL

I LOVED you Annie’s turkey pesto mac combo!!! I used to mix turkey in my mac all the time, never thought of the pesto….must try!

I am absolutely the same way in Target – I wonder aimlessly and everything tells me to buy it. I need to find some PB&CO seriously!

I LOVE mini everything – I will buy it for that reason alone!

Ok – so I am going to have to email you b/c I need to send you some mac & cheese now :D Oh….and that hungry girl book signing – let me know if you want a signed copy cuz I could throw that in the box too!

dailygoods May 8, 2009 at 11:31 am

i wanna check out oxygen mag. i’ve heard some great sutff about it!

Suni May 8, 2009 at 11:47 am

so you didn’t go for the buy 4 fiber one items get a $5 gift card free deal? glad you found some treasures…and were able to eat some yummy goodness.

ksgoodeats May 8, 2009 at 4:44 pm

Everyone else’s Targets have the best things! My Target definitely does not have hummus!!

Amy’s soups are so blah which disappoints me because everything else of theirs is good! I always am heavy handed on the hot sauce when I eat them!!

Re your comment about ABC – I always used to have apple, biscotti, and coffee with breakfast so I just shortened it to ABC :)

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