i can walk, it is a miracle.

by Janetha on April 30, 2009

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i woke up today and stumbled to the door to let the dogs out. while my foot still hurt a little, i actually was able to walk decently without limping. sure, there may still be a little trace of a hobble.. but for the most part i can walk like a normal person.

up next: running. i can’t wait until i can run. i am going to give the elliptical a run for my money today and hopefully move onto the treadmill before my dreaded tonsillectomy on tuesday. (ugh)

first up for today, eats!

well last night i went to bed feeling like a complete failure.. did not work out, did not clean my room, did not do much of anything other than blog writing/reading, hang with the roomies, play with the pups and feel sorry for myself. i did manage to have

meal 4: protein spice muffin w/ ICBINB spray (bad) & 6 almonds & 1 handful of TJ’s 9 grain cereal

i didnt photograph the almonds or the cereal, and the muffin is a sorry excuse for a photo.. my camera was dead so i took it with my BB.

i DID, however, polish off the last few ounces i needed to hit my gallon of water for the day. (yessss!) i haven’t missed a gallon since i started this thing and i will be damned if i start now. when i get the tonsils out that may be a different story, but as long as i am perfectly capable of chugging the agua, so be it.

*insert 1 hour of sleep here*

had to get up and pee. i never have to do that. but i did drink 32 ounces of water right before bed.. so that explains it.

*insert 8 more glorious hours of sleep here*

i had good intentions to get up and work out, but as per usual, my bed won. my bed always wins. i think it has an unfair advantage because of all those soft blankets, fluffy pillows and the usual occupancy of two very lovable, cuddly pooches.

so this may come as a huge shock to everyone, or at least to me.. i didn’t have oatmeal for breakfast! woah, weird!

i know. sometimes i feel like living on the edge. i made a pot of coffee and whipped up

meal 1: spinach scramble & an apple & coffee @ 8:30 AM

this scramble was lacking on the veggie front just because i didn’t have any on hand in my fridge.. but it included:

  • 3/4 cup egg beaters
  • big handful of spinach
  • 2 T TJs spicy black bean dip
  • 2 T spinach & feta hummus (yummus)

i assure you, it tasted a whole hell of a lot better than it looked.  i guess a bunch of mushy things put together photograph as one big mushy mess!

and for my carb i had a big glorious apple that has been staring at me for a few days, it was a gala, and i was unimpressed. it actually ended up tasting super bland. oh well, ya win some ya lose some.

i also had some coffee with a splash of UVAB.. i know, it is a saturday thing usually, but i was feeling like a splash and since i didn’t have it in my oats, i had it in my coffee.

work has been rough lately.  not necessarily harder or anything, but people have been grumpy and i think taking it out on me a little bit.  i mean sure, i am the go-to girl for everything, but i am pretty sure that does not include go-to janetha to take out your anger caused by other things in life.  nope, not in the job description.


meal 2: what in the world is in that salad & strawberries @ 12:30 PM

haha you should have seen the looks i got when i was eating this thing.  so i have been on the less prepared end of things when it comes to what to eat, i mean.. i have a lot of food and i go to the grocery store what seems like all the time, yet i end up with no real set thing to eat.  i was going to have some sesame stir fry but wasn’t feeling it, plus i had the rest of my whole food’s salad bar salad to polish off.  so i came up with this!:

  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • celery
  • cucumbers
  • broccoli
  • corn
  • baby carrots
  • shredded carrots
  • bell peppers
  • avocado (healthy fat)
  • a little low fat cottage cheese (for protein)
  • some turkey pepperonis (for protein)
  • a couple scoops of stir fry (for more protein)
  • drizzle of balsamic vinegar
  • black pepper

odd, right? well it tasted great!

since it was low carb, i paired it with three strawberries as an after thought sweet treat that i ate after the salad.  no these strawberries are not suffering frmo ginatism, i just have ridiculously small midget-like hands. so what?

i was left pretty satisfied, but i also realized all my carbs were coming from fruit and veggies.. not necessarily bad, but so not like me, and also i think it is important to get your nutrients from a variety of sources. better have some grains sometime today, eh?

the water consumption has been ultimately better today in comparison to yesterday. i am typing this at 3:23 and i have already downed 3 contigos + 16 oz w/ bfast = 88 oz! only 40 to go for my gallon.

* pause, going to go make meal 3 now :) *

so, i just ramble about how i need to get my carbs from something other than fruit, and what do i end up with for meal 3?  strawberries! but not just strawberries.. it was another silly combo of

meal 3: greek yogurt + protein powder + strawberries + granola + fiber sure + soy milk @ 3:40 PM

whew that is a mouthful, right?  well it was a delicious one!  to be exact, it included:

  • 8 oz fat free voskos greek yogurt
  • about 3 TB EAS triple blend chocolate protein powder
  • 1/4 cup bear naked low fat granola
  • 3 sliced strawberries
  • 1 tsp fiber sure
  • splash of 8th continent fat free soy milk

it was a lot prettier before i stirred it all together, but really this combination tasted fantastic!  that was the last of my bear naked granola and i do not plan to buy any more for awhile, it is too yummy and too carby, i am going to try to stick to plain old fashioned oats as much as i can, and if i do want granola i want to make it from scratch. (feel free to toss a recipe or two my way!)

well one more hour of work!  the wheel are already turning for what will happen at 5 o’clock *quittin time!*  i packed my gym clothes so there are no excuses as to why i wouldn’t go, i plan to do some HIIT and make up my LBWO.  i havent worked out my lower body since MONDAY the 20th! holy crap. stupid feet.

so after work it is straight to the gym and then i will have to ponder something to make for dinner, i am making sure it is not more fruit!

in other news~~~

  • i have decided to join bobbi’s the simple life challengethis will be nothing short of amazing, i am sure.  the only thing i am a little worried about is the eating out rule, not because i eat out a lot, i actually never do.. but birthday season is upon us.  there are FIVE birthdays within my close circle of girlfriends between may 12 & june 21.  including mine (weeeeee!)  so i am thinking that=a lot of birthday dinners.  i can always attend the dinners and watch people eat, which i have no problem with.  we shall see how it goes.  you should join her challenge too! it is going to be a great way to stay green and get some extra exercise and of course, do some more cooking.. my fave! in fact i was thinking about doing a BBQ for my birthday rather than going out to dinner anyway!
  • i forgot to mention this over the weekend but marshall and i have tickets to see joel mchale!  he is the host of the soup on e! and he is ultra funny.. i am excited!  it is not until june 12 but still, yay!
  • today is national raisin day. gross! I HATE RAISINS!
  • i just submitted my paperwork to become a food buzz featured publisher! exciting, eh?
  • i really want to bust out my bike and go on a bike ride in this fanfreakingtastic sunshine we are finally having!
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