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by Janetha on April 29, 2009

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can i start out by saying my neighbors are ridiculous? well they are, that is a fact. before i get to my fantastic bbq, i just want to mention the fact that around ten PM our friends from the salt lake city police department showed up at our house, lights flashing and all.. because you know, casual tuesday bbqs where all twelve or so guests stay inside because it is cold outside is pretty illegal around these parts. oh wait, no it isn’t. why did our rad neighbors call the cops you ask? because there were cars parked on the street. nobody was being loud. no music was being played. nobody was even outside. oh and let me remind you, it was only ten at night.

now i am not going to go as far as saying we are the perfect neighbors. there have been a few summer nights where the hula-hooping, fetch-with-the-dogs, outdoor bbqs have gone a bit late and were a bit loud. but we have learned from past experiences and we now keep the people to a minimum, keep the dogs in the house, and keep the music low.

so when the cops came, well, what a joke! i didn’t talk to them, my roommate did.. but basically the cops said they had been called to our house due to the number of cars parked on the street.. which is public parking last time i checked.. and when they saw the situation at hand, they realized what a waste of time it all was and they left.

my neighbors are whack.

SO now that is off my chest.. i can happily write about all the fun food i’ve eaten between then and now, since that is what this whole blog is for… right? yes.

after my pathetic attempt at HIIT, i went to whole foods and spent more money that i was intending to, which is usually the case when i go there. i picked up:

  • chicken breasts
  • shrimp
  • peaches
  • greek yogurt
  • plain yogurt
  • spinach & feta hummus
  • a big heavy salad from the salad bar that was $13

that salad will last me 3 servings or so, by the way, still kind of pricey but hey, you pay for convenience, right? at least it is loaded with all things delicious: 4 types of lettuce, spinach, 3 colors of peppers, hard boiled eggs, tofu, sunflower seeds, broccoli, carrots, cukes, corn, mushrooms and red onions.

so when i got home i sprinkled some “rub with love” african peri rub on my shrimp and put it in a tin pan and threw it on the grill.

i also made a glaze for my chicken out of vinegar, honey & dijon mustard which i put on prior to grilling and basted on every time i flipped the chicken.

i threw it all together and had

meal 4: chicken & shrimp & salad w/ balsamic vinegar + olive oil @ 7:30 PM

no i did not eat all of it! i shared with the company. and both the shrimp and chicken were deeeelicious! i chugged water all night as everyone else drank wine and beer. i don’t drink, and i have not for some time now. there are some things in life that just aren’t worth it to me.. and i would rather have a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream over a pabst’s blue ribbon any day of the week.

we put peanut butter on penelope’s nose. have you ever done this? it is hilarious. she thought if she cranked her neck back she would somehow get all that peanut butter off the top of her nose. oh marshall and i are cruel parents.

the rest of the bbq was fun.. there were probably seven dogs, lots of friends, one baby (who i LOVE.. my friend’s 10 month old), a whole plethora of meats and salads and chips and dips and of course, the SLCPD! yaaay!

i was watching marshall stuff pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in his mouth for awhile, do you realize how much i love those things? so to kill the cravings and urges to attack the cookies at full speed ahead, i had what is now my new favorite treat:

meal 5: greek yogurt + small sliced peach + cinnamon @ 10:30 PM

this was suuuper super super delicious! peaches are hands down my favorite fruit and cinnamon is my favorite spice and i adore greek yogurt so the combo was basically a no brainer when it turned out being so super yum!


after my treat i caught up on all the episodes of the office that i had missed (i never watch TV but i do love that show, so i catch it online every few weeks) and then i watched a new show marshall had heard about called “parks&recreation”, have you heard of it? ultra funny.

had a bit of a cuddle sesh with the dogs before bed, threw my oats in the fridge and called it a night!

this morning was a bit hectic, i mean i had a glass bowl shatter on my foot and i was gushing blood all over the place, but i did manage to get some coffee made and hey, i even showered. i grabbed my overnight oats and took them to work…

meal 1: overnight oats + protein powder + cinnamon + strawberries + fiber sure @ 8:00 AM

i was feeling a bit fruity and i know the strawberries add extra carbs but i didn’t sweat it. i wanted something sweet and strawberries are a whole bunch better than sugar.

paired with my morning coffee + CLA, multiV and fish oil caps, this was the breakfast of champs this morning.. not to be confused with wheaties.. which are pretty divine also, if you ask me.

that is all for now, i am working on my water and thinking about how my lower body work out will pan out later today.

more later!


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mom April 29, 2009 at 5:21 pm

The BBQ looks scrumtious! PJ is so cute with that tongue wagging! LOVE Marshall’s hair cut! Sorry about the POlice, you guys are such rebels!! What about the glass on your already sad and sorry foots???
All of your meals look wonderful! Wish you could cook for me ALL the time.
Love and hugs.

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