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by Janetha on April 26, 2009

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okay so good news–headache is GONE! woofreakingHOO!  maybe it was the tylenol or maybe it was the dinner or maybe it was the grocery store run.. that always relaxes me, am i a freak?

haha.. so yes, went to the grocrey store to get a couple items for the week, although i know i will be going back by tuesday or something.. good thing it is just across the street. i hope it warms up so i can walk there, oh and i hope my feet get better so i can walk anywhere ;)

grocery store run included:

  • braeburn apple
  • fuji apple
  • bunch’o’bananas
  • unsweetened vanilla almond breeze (UVAB)
  • don pancho high fiber low carb tortillas (love them)
  • kangaroo sandwich pockets in whole grain
  • 3 containers of cottage cheese, both low fat and fat free (it was on sale for a buck!)
  • green onions (for dinner, see below)
  • broccoli slaw (for dinner also)
  • bag of baby carrots
  • strawberries mmmm
  • turkey pepperoni
  • fat free mayo (i don’t know why i got it, i have never tried it but it was on sale so we will see if it gets used…)

hmmm i think that is all.  wow i sure wish costco carried UVAB.. i go through that stuff like a newborn goes through diapers.  oh i forgot to type black beans on my costco list! i got 8 cans of black beans.. it was like 4 bones for all 8 cans.. i sure do love mexican food so i will be putting the black beans + tortillas + egg beaters to use this week.  i saw this recipe for huevos rancheros that i want to whip up soon!

so then i made

dinner: sesame stir fry @ 9:00 PM

you can click here for the recipe.. mmmm i had been craving some asian-ish food, and since most asian food is high in sodium, this was as close as i could come without a salt overload.

the good part is i have 5 servings of stir fry left to eat this week.. hooray for bulk cooking + being prepared!

while cooking, i had a couple five handfuls of TJ’s honey almond flax cereal.

good thing i did not have a carb in my stir fry, because this definitely counts as my carb.  also it is safe to say it is a good thing i do not have access to a trader joe’s due to the fact that i would consume boxes of this cereal weekly. yum it is so good! but no, in all reality, not having a TJ’s in utah blows.. they should bring one here ASAP!!

anyway, just working on my last 24 ounce contigo in order to hit my gallon of water for the day.  i struggle with my water on the weekends for some reason.  it is much easier to drink lots and lots and lots of water when i am at work at my desk.

speaking for work, i have to wake up early tomorrow because mondays=7 AM weekly meeting, so i better bail.  just wanted to throw in the rest of the day’s meals before i retired for the night.. this whole food blog business is pretty time consuming! but i really enjoy it so it is all worth it.

question: anyone know a good brand/model of camera that is not too ultra expensive that would be good for photographing food? i am in the market.. mine (which is not really mine at all, it is marshall’s) just does not take super sweet photos like i would like it to.  input welcome!!

nite :)

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coco April 27, 2009 at 1:20 pm

thanks for stopping by my blog so I can find yours. I’m really impressed by your before and after pics! AWESOME work!!! :D

Danica April 27, 2009 at 3:53 pm

I am the same way with the grocery store – I can go there anytime I am feeling stressed out and feel better instantly – sad but true lol. I LOVE making things in bulk and having them later. I often freeze a few servings as well so you can just grab and go – it’s pretty easy that way.

I got my camera at Sam’s Club (like Costco) and I absolutely LOVE it. I did see though 2 days later that Walmart had it cheaper ($179). It’s super compact and takes better photos then my big camera. It is the Cannon Power Shot SD890 IS. I highly recommend it but not sure what your budget is.

My dad is a photographer and picked this one out for one of his projects. I picked it out on my own reviews and was excited to know he recommended it. Honestly I think all the Cannon Power Shots are great. You can check out consumer reports to see how they all faired.

Good luck – I can’t wait to hear about what you buy :)

janetha April 27, 2009 at 9:30 pm

danica, i am glad i am not the only one who finds peace with grocery shopping haha! i think people who hate it are crazy! thanks SO MUCH for the camera input. i had a canon before but a friend dropped it at the bar which=RIP camera :( i was so sad b/c i loved it, i loved the feature where you can pick one color to show up and the rest of the photo be black & white. i will check out the model you suggested, i have a sams club membership. thank you! i love freezing things too, i recently inherited a super huge freezer and it has so many preportioned things in there.. i just like to cook so much that i forget to use them sometimes… P.S. i used one of your posts as my dinner inspiration tonight. yum, thanks!

Hayley April 27, 2009 at 7:35 pm

You are SO LUCKY your Costco sells egg whites! I feel like ours is the only one that doesn’t. :( But then again we do have a TJ’s so I shouldn’t complain. I hope they build one near you soon!! I love going to Costco, but I always end up spending so much more than planned. I go in planning to buy 3 things and come out with 30. I hope your headache goes away soon!! That is no fun…I have to try your stir-fry dinner! That looks super yummy..

janetha April 27, 2009 at 9:23 pm

hayley, does your costco sell greek yogurt?? my sister’s in cali does, now THAT is something to be jealous of!! i heard we won’t get a TJ’s here b/c of the liquor laws (can’t sell wine in stores) who knows? i tried to check out your blog but it is login only.. is it a food blog? if it is shoot me an invite @ ! :)

Hayley April 28, 2009 at 6:21 am

Janetha I’m not sure if our Costco sells Greek yogurt but I will check next time I’m there! Every time I try it I can’t stand the taste…it’s so bitter – or sour – something like that. Maybe I should give it another go? I think we have fairly strict liquor laws here in NC – I know the only liquor stores we have are state-owned. Hmmm….maybe it’s a bit more strict in Utah? I am more than happy to invite you to my blog but it’s not really a foodie blog. Well….maybe it is in some ways because that’s all I seem to talk about..LOL. I’ll invite you and then you can choose if you want to read. I won’t take it personally if you don’t! :)

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