most boring friday night ever.

by Janetha on April 24, 2009

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wow when you can’t walk anywhere and none of your roommates are home (you would think one out of four might be a possibility but they are all gone!) and your boyfriend is playing poker with the boys.. you get bored. like way bored. and what did i used to do when i was laid up on the couch? yeah, eat. so i have had to talk myself out of breaking out the honey bunches of oats + crispix more than once.  for the most part, i’ve done pretty well at resisting any mindless snacking.  but i am restless, i can’t work out, i can’t even go on a freaking walk because, well, i can’t walk!

so let’s wrap up the day, shall we?  i ended at meal three i believe..

meal 4: turkey pepperoni & string cheese @ 7:00 PM.

nine turkey pepperonis to be exact, and one cow pal’s string cheese. and a lortab. filling, i promise.

meal 5: protein pancakes & 1 egg @ 9:00 PM

obviously i was left hungry after my wimpy meal 4.. but i am not working out so i am trying to reduce the number of calories i eat since the only ones i burn will be thanks to my BMR.  le sigh.  i am really anti eating starchy carbs at night.. but in order to fight my cereal binging urges i decided to whip up a batch of protein pancakes.. they are basically my favorite body for life meal ever. i haven’t made a recipe link to them yet on my page so i will quickly post the ingredients here:

for one serving

  • 1/3 cup non instant oats
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/3 cup fat free cottage cheese
  • splash of vanilla extract
  • shake of splenda
  • double shake of cinnamon

blend in the blender and cook like you would a regular pancake.

i make two or three small ones with this recipe. they also freeze really well and heat up in the toaster like an ego, so when i am feeling like i need to be prepared i will make a big batch of these  bad boys and freeze them.  i topped mine with a skiff of natural PB w/ flax and a squirt of SF syrup.

i thought i would take a shot at cooking an over easy egg, but i failed miserably as i always do (unless i have the big flat griddle out, then it is a cinch) and i ended up scrambling it. like usual.

well that satisfied my sweet tooth and now i think i will try to sleep since i am so incredibly sick of television, the internet, sitting around, thinking about cereal, and being in pain.

plus, this little lady starts her intermediate training classes tomorrow morning! yesss i LOVE dog school.. it is so much fun for me and for penelope jane as well! (PJ is my pooch, awe i <3 her!)

tomorrow is free day on my body for life challenge, but i am afraid to take it since i am not exercising.  i think i will eat clean all day up until i go on my dinner/soccer game date with the boyfriend.  i informed him he will be packing me around like cargo on a camel in the desert since i can’t walk.  he is ok with that, and that is why i love him.

hasta luego!

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