taking photos of everything i eat is silly.

by Janetha on April 21, 2009

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so, yesterday was day one of photographing my meals. i am not gonna lie, it was a little silly. but in a good way, i mean, i am not going to let the fact that i feel silly taking a photo of my string cheese stop me. i am not that type of girl. i also realized that it is very hard to REMEMBER to take the photos. i think i will get better at this with time. yesterday i managed to get a shot of everything i ate except for some shrimp, so i think that i did pretty well for a first attempt :)

also, my super rad camera broke back in february and i haven’t bought a new one. sooo i am using the boyfriend’s crappy work camera. these photos are less than professional, but hey.. hopEfully i will get an ultra sweet camera for my birthday?

so yesterday was week 2, day 2 of my 12 week body for life challenge. or, day 9.

meal one: protein oatmeal @ 8:00 AM

  • *1/3 cup slow cooking oats
  • *1 scoop EAS vanilla protein powder
  • *1/2 cup water, give or take
  • *tsp of fiber sure
  • *sprinkle of cinnamon

microwave the first 4 ingredients on power level 3 for 5 minutes. sprinkle with cinnamon. delicious! this is a really balanced breakfast as well as filling due to the fiber in the oats and the added fiber sure.

i use fiber sure because i do not always get my daily 25-30g of fiber just from food alone. this oatmeal works out to be 244 calories, 27g carbs, 26g protein, 4g fat and 9g fiber. that is a 43% protein/43% carb/14% fat ratio. i do not always calculate the stats of my food, but since i eat this almost every morning i like to know what statistics i am starting my day with.

i also always have my oatmeal with a cup of black coffee.

meal two: greek yogurt & granola @ 11:00 AM

greek yogurt is sometimes hard to find, but i check every store i go to for it. so far, the only place that carries the brand i like best (vosko’s) is whole foods. i like vosko’s because it comes in an 8 oz container, contains 24g of protein and only 9g carbs, and of course no fat. i could go on about how much i adore greek yogurt and the versatility of it all, but i will save it for another day.

usually i like to mix my yogurt with some fresh fruit to get my sweetness naturally, but lately i have been on a crunchy kick and have been mixing 1/4 cup of this bear naked granola into my yogurt. it probably makes the meal a bit carb heavy, but it is delicious and i make up for it later by eating less carbs.

meal 3: eggs & turkey, veggies & hummus @ 2:00 PM

so i was at work and did not have a lot of options.. i turned to my friend improvisation! i mixed 2 eggs whites+1 whole egg, microwaved for 2 min on power level 7, diced two slices i had leftover of smoked turkey from the honeybaked ham store and mixed those together with one wedge of laughing cow light cheese. it turned out to be super delicious!

i also had some baby carrots and half of a red pepper with a couple tablespoons of roasted red pepper hummus. i love hummus, i could eat it by the spoonful all day long. i guess i won’t though…

*insert workout here-see “moves” post*

meal 4: toast w/ PB, protein shake, cheese @ 6:00 PM

one slice of 45 calorie sara lee wheat bread toasted with 1 TB earth balance peanut butter. two of my favorites, and i try to only eat bread in the morning or post workout, so this was allowed.

i also had a protein shake made with 1 scoop of chocolate EAS whey protein powder, 4 oz unsweetended vanilla almond breeze, 5 cubes of ice and 10 mini dark chocolate chips which all fell to the bottom in the long run and i didn’t enjoy them.

and 1 cowpals string cheese.

not really a meal, but i consumed this: shrimp & coffee (haha) @ 8:00 PM

so this was not exactly planned to be a meal, i had to go out to dessert with my family for my sister in law’s birthday, and as it turned out some people wanted to also get dinner. i ended up having 6 shrimp, but forgot to photograph them. this is pure protein and no carbs though so i think that was just an added bonus! and then while everyone had dessert i enjoyed a cup of black coffee

meal 5: banana, cottage cheese & pepperoni @ 10:00 PM

random and unprepared and hungry.. i had these random items :) i MUST go grocery shopping soon. (blackberry photos, what can ya do? better than nothing!)

ten of these guys

about a half a cup of this stuff, whatever was left actually…

and this guy

i also had a calcium chew, i eat one or two a day usually for added calcium. plus they are yum.

i went to a hip hop show (zion i & scenic byway & whatnot) later last night and sucked down water the whole time. i probably had two gallons of water yesterday because i was busy drinking water at two different social events in addition to my regular gallon.

all in all, i would say it was a pretty great day!

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Christin L. August 27, 2010 at 1:02 pm

Went back to read your first couple of posts (I am about to start a blogging endeavor of my own, looking for ideas on how to start!)… I love love LOVE Zion I! Saw them a couple years ago at SXSW. That’s all. :)

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