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by Janetha on April 20, 2009

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so here i am, starting up a blog for accountability and documentation of everything i eat and all the exercise i do!  while this blog is mainly for me, i hope that others can find it useful and/or entertaining.

since i just spent a little too much time on the little links at the top (hi, nice to meet you & body for life, it worked for me) i really do not have the energy to ramble at the moment!  but i hope this blog turns into something fabulous!

i have been taking photos of my food today, and i plan to post my meals just once a day.. so i will save those photos until later tonight when all my meals for the day have been inhaled.  in the meantime, i wanted to throw something up here.. and what better place to start than water?

i love libations of all kinds, but honestly if i had to pick one thing to drink for the rest of my days, water would be my first pick.  usually i opt for water over sodas and juices when i am eating out.  lucky for me i LOVE water, because i know some people have a hard time chugging it down.  i have a daily goal of one gallon of water.  yep, that is 128 ounces of delicious h2o.

i got these fabulous contigo water bottles in my easter basket.  i cannot rave about these things enough.  they are completely spillproof, have a clip to attach them to anything and everything, and the best part they measure your fluid intake with handy marks at 8 oz, 16 oz and 24 oz (ass well as 500 ml and 250 ml for you metric folks).  they come in packs of three at costco.  but if they are not at your local costco, you can pick some up off the contigo website.


i down approximately 6 or 7 of these bad boys each day, which works out to be more than a gallon.  this is fine with me, because i also drink coffee every morning and i try to match each ounce of coffee consumed with an ounce of water.  on average, i guzzle about 140 ounces of water each day.  this makes up for my daily cup’o’joe.

why drink so much water?  people ask me this on a daily basis.  they look at me like i am ridiculous when they see me carrying around 3 water bottles and refilling them on an hourly basis.  well, let me jot down a few reasons why i drink SO MUCH water:

  • bill phillips told me to.  honestly, before i knew anything about why i should be drinking a lot of water, this was my reason.  my body for life book said to drink a lot of water.. so i did it.
  • i have a problem with my kidneys and bladder, and if i am not hydrated i get chronic urinary tract infections. something that i have dealt with since i was 4 years old.. and the doctors do not know why. i used to be on medication, but since i started drinking a gallon of water a day, i have not had any problems.  i think this is reason enough for me to stay hydrated.. the consequences are painfully brutal.
  • water is zeros across the board.  while i hate that bottled water has nutrition info (i think it is totally useless) i do love what that info says: zeeeero!  no calories, no carbs, no nothing.  why drink something else that is loaded with calories and/or sugar?  drinking my calories is not something i love to do.  if i am going to have sugar, i would much rather eat a bowl of ice cream rather than drink a can of pepsi.  and the truth is i could probably have four bowls of ice cream to equal that one can of pepsi.
  • water keeps you full and keeps you from eating “just because”.  water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps metabolize stored fat.  usually when you think you are hungry, chances are you are probably thirsty.  drink a glass of water and then see if you are still hungry.
  • water is necessary for your body to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients.  it detoxifies the liver and kidneys and carries away waste from the body.  when it comes to digestion, fiber along can’t aid properly in digestion on it’s own.  without water, good fiber goes bad, causing constipation and discomfort. ew.
  • if you are retaining water due to too much sodium, the best way to get RID of the water weight is to drink MORE water!  this tells your body it is not dehydrated and you do not need to hold on to all that water and it will flush your body out.  retained water shows up as excess weight on the scales.
  • water is essential in weight loss.  for the reasons i named above. to aid in digestion, to get rid of water retention, to suppress the appetite, to hydrate the muscles and to metabolize the fat.

so yeah, i love my water.  for more reasons than one.  i am going to go drink some now..you should too.   i will be posting today’s meals later!

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